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Exercise Logistics Coordination Center


Exercise Logistics Coordination Center

MAGTF Training Directorate (MTD)

MAGTFTC, MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, California
Exercise Logistics Coordination Center


The ELCC is the G-4's liaison between the exercise forces and all supporting agencies aboard MCAGCC. The ELCC works directly with the EXFOR Camp Commandant and oversees the daily operations and upkeep of Exercise Support Base Camp Wilson. The ELCC manages, maintains, and assigns Camp Wilson's billeting and work space facilities to the training units.

Located in K-Span 5429, Camp Wilson, MCAGCC/MAGTF-TC Twentynine Palms, CA. MGRS 11S NT 7864 9553 (Google Maps 34.2980, -116.1453)

The Lead Camp Commandant can be reached at (760) 830-9395 or (760) 830-9241

ELCC Contacts

Logistics Chief
(760) 830-9922

(760) 830-9391

(760) 830-1219

Communication Specialist / Operations Officer
(760) 830-8961

Facilities Chief
(760) 830-1220

Facilities / Maintenance
(760) 830-7685

Unit Movement Coordinator
(760) 830-1215

Bulk Fuels
(760) 830-1225