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PMO aims to halt speeding on base

18 Jan 2017 | Cpl. Medina Ayala-Lo Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms

Here at the Combat Center, it is our mission to not only conduct training that prepares our fighting forces for what they may encounter while forward deployed, but to ensure the best possible quality of life for Combat Center patrons and all who call our installation home. In order to ensure the safety of pedestrians, drivers and children, the Combat Center is beginning its first phase of a zero-tolerance speeding policy, which will be outlined in Combat Center Order 1630.8F, the new guidance on traffic safety.

“The speed limit in all residential areas is 15 mph because we have children, pets and family members who live in the housing areas,” said Lt. Donald Albers, chief traffic crash investigation officer, Provost Marshal’s Office. “15 mph gives you enough time to avoid an object [or person] in the road, but if you exceed the speed limit it can reduce your reaction time and that’s when it becomes a hazard.”

Per the direction of Brig. Gen. William F. Mullen III, Combat Center Commanding General, Combat Center patrons who are caught speeding in residential areas will face serious repercussions.

“Anyone who is caught driving between 16 -19 mph [in a residential area] will be issued a citation with a traffic court date,” Albers said. “Anyone who is caught going 20 mph [in a neighborhood] or higher will have their driving privileges suspended for 30 days on the spot. The individual will be asked to park their car and someone else who can drive aboard the installation will be asked to remove the vehicle.”

Combat Center residents are also encouraged to keep in mind the speed limits of 25 mph on main roads, 35 mph on Del Valle and 45 mph toward Camp Wilson as well as the policies regarding tailgating and pedestrians’ right of way explained in existing CCO 1630.8E.

According to CCO 1630.8E, the Combat Center’s motor vehicle and traffic regulations will conform to the California Vehicle Code which states that ‘the driver of any motor vehicle, prior to driving over or upon any sidewalk, shall yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian approaching thereon.’

“Make sure that regardless of where you are, you’re practicing safe driving,” Albers said. “Don’t be an aggressive driver and ensure you’re keeping a safe following distance from the person in front of you. The speed limits were established for a reason. Speeding on base will affect not only the lives of the person caught, but those around them.”
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