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Lance Cpl. Michael D. Grubbs II, a Marine attached to CLB-7, sands the head of a gavel at the Combat Center's Wood Hobby Shop June 25. The Wood Hobby Shop is open to anyone in the Combat Center community.

Photo by Pfc. Sarah Anderson

Marines express creativity at Wood Hobby Shop

2 Jul 2010 | Pfc. Sarah Anderson

Some people believe child-like creativity fades as a person grows older, but the only thing a man grows out of is the crayons, markers and glue. At the Combat Center’s Wood Hobby Shop, members of the Combat Center community are welcome to create anything they set their minds to.

“It brings a sense of achievement knowing that you created something,” said Don Miller, who has managed the Wood Hobby Shop for 20 years. “We have a lot of fun here, it is a comfortable environment.”

Working with other creative souls helps build friendships and ignites new ideas, said Miller. “There’s an interaction with the builders and grows camaraderie.”

While figuring out the placement of the pieces or the right sand paper for the perfect edge, problem-solving skills are being practiced.

“It helps Marines to think around problems and how to solve them,” Miller added.

There is a common misconception that woodworking is a man’s hobby, said Kaylin Hinson, an employee at the Wood Hobby Shop. “The rumor is wrong!” she said. “A lot of wives are intimidated to come in, but women are more than welcome.”

“Wives of deployed Marines come in and make stuff for their home,” Miller added.

Marines who have no knowledge of carpentry should not allow that to discourage them. The staff is always willing to share their trade.

“I learned here,” said Lance Cpl. Michael D. Grubbs II, a maintenance management specialist clerk with Combat Logistics Battalion 7. Now, “it’s not a hobby, it’s a passion. I’m here just about everyday.”

The shop also has an engraving service for plaques, awards or murals.  Anyone can come in, make a plaque and have it engraved fast, Hinson said.

The shop is open Wednesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

A small fee of 50 cents-$1 per day covers the use of tools and machines. Wood is also available for purchase.

For more information about the Wood Hobby Shop, call 830-7214.

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