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Dodgeball tournament big ‘hit’

5 Nov 2010 | Lance Cpl. Andrew D. Thorburn

Ten teams came together to battle it out during the Combat Center’s annual dodgeball tournament Monday through Wednesday at the East Gym and Fitness Center.

The games consisted of five matches, and the first to claim three victories, claimed victory for that game. The winners earned a T-shirt and blue sports pack for first place and the title of best dodgeball team aboard the Combat Center.

As the games began, differences in skill and experience were evident.

Randy Husted, a sports specialist for the Combat Center, said of the 10 teams, only three of them had participated in previous dodgeball tournaments and leagues before.

However, the new teams were not intimidated by the prospect of playing against veterans.

“No one should underestimate us, because we are going to do it up,” said Joshua Woofter, a player with the Hooligans. “We came out here to play, to win.”

As the night’s tournament progressed, the new teams took to the rules quickly, Husted said.

“After the first night they seem to adjust to the rules,” Husted said. “On the first night, the games were fast, and we had 3-0 victories against the new teams. But the second night, the games were a lot closer with one game ending with one player on each side for game five.”

The last night of the competition did not disappoint anyone looking for an exciting evening, and most of the games came down to the fifth match.

The championship game came down to four-time champions “Red Dot” and the newly-formed “Hooligans.”

The Hooligans secured the first victory. The Hooligans also dominated the second match, with a surprise upset knocking out three Red Dot members within a matter of seconds.

Red Dot not quite ready to give up the game, and they nailed two solid wins to tie the game. The tie-breaking match came down to just one remaining player for each team. The Hooligans player chucked a ball at Red Dot Brant Gowd hoping to end the epic stand-off. But Gowd jumped in the air and caught the ball as it slammed into his chest, sending the Hooligan to the sidelines and sealing victory for Red Dot.

Brandon Clark, number 15 for Hooligans, said they were disappointed with the loss because they were so close to victory, but they were thankful for the Combat Center for putting it on.

Husted said there were more teams who had wanted to play, but missed the sign-up deadline.

However, dodgeball fans have another chance January, when the Combat Center is going to start a dodgeball league.

For more information on the upcoming league, contact Husted at 830-4092.

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