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DOD cracks down on fraud, waste

3 Oct 2011 | Lance Cpl. Sarah Dietz

Amid public and Congressional demands to lessen government spending, the Fraud, Waste and Mismanagement program was created to ensure individual offices and commands within the Department of Defense are using their resources efficiently.

The program’s investigators look into claims of wasteful spending; fraudulent claims, whether it be with money or government property; and mismanagement, or not utilizing a unit’s money and equipment properly.

The goal of the program is “to identify any fraud, waste and mismanagement. That’s why we have a hotline program,” said Joseph Dunn, a command investigator for the Combat Center.

The FWM program, which originated nearly 35 years ago, was formed to preclude even the slightest impression of impropriety in the handling of our manpower, material and funding, Dunn said.

Reporting fraud, waste or mismanagement within the government is crucial. If nothing is reported, the tax payer’s dollars are wasted, translating into higher taxes for everyone.

Reporting this type of criminal act should be treated as a duty, said David Gill, the command’s inspector general.

“If you think there’s something not being done right or suspicious in nature they should report it to us, they don’t need to investigate themselves,” Dunn said. “When in doubt, contact us.”

When submitting a complaint, the reporter may remain anonymous. If this is the course of action they wish to take, it is crucial that they give as much detailed information as possible, because anonymous tips don’t usually have contact information attached for follow-up questions, Dunn said.

When reporting an incident, a complaint should include a description of the violation, dates, times, personnel involved in the violation, witnesses to the violation and where the violation occurred.

If a reporter wants to identify a problem without facing repercussions, they can ask to apply for the Whistle Blower Protection Program, a program designed to keep the identity of a complainant safe. Contact the Fraud, Waste and Mismanagement staff for more information.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s reported 10 times or not,” said Gill. “Do the right thing, be vigilant.”

To file a report, call the FWM hotline at 830-6155 or e-mail a complaint to

Walk-ins are welcome at the FWM office, which is located at Building 1447 on 4th Street and Sturgis.

For more information on FWM, refer to Marine Corps Orders 5370.8 and 5200.24D, and Combat Center Order 7510.1D.

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