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CFC celebrates 50 years of charity

2 Dec 2011 | Sgt. Heather Golden

The Combined Federal Campaign reached a milestone when it turned 50 this year.

The CFC is the only authorized charity solicitation authorized in federal workplaces and is ranked as one of the largest and most successful workplace charity campaign, according to information available on the CFC’s official website. The donations support more than 200,000 charities worldwide.

"The CFC has been a source of food, of warmth, of light, of medicine, of schoolbooks - a source of life,” said U.S. Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry, who heads the campaign committee. “For countless Americans and people in need around the world, it has been like bedrock - supporting them, even if they don't know it's there.”

The campaign raises million of dollars every year and is comprised of military, federal civilian and postal employees.

Since 1961, federal employees have raised nearly $7 billion for thousands of non-profit organizations. The 2010 CFC campaign raised $281.5 million.

The Coachella and Twentynine Palms Area CFC raised $287,000 during last year’s campaign season.

This year’s goal for the Combat Center is 100 percent notification.

“The success of the Combined Federal Campaign demonstrates the commitment of federal employees to public service,” said Maris Miranda, chairman, Coachella and Twentynine Palms Area CFC. “Most only do federal employees devote their livelihoods to their country, but their generosity has made the CFC one of the most powerful philanthropic forces in the world.”

The deadline to get pledge forms in to the base CFC representative is Dec. 2, 2011. Find more information on the CFC’s official website at

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