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Steps to take for PCS vehicle transfer

29 Mar 2013 | Cpl. William Jackson

Editors Note: This is the second of a three-part series on permanent changes of station. The series focuses on complicated issues when moving from station to station.


When a Marine or sailor receives permanent change of station orders, they’re entitled to ship one privately owned vehicle to or from locations overseas, if that location allows the shipment of a POV. However, storage will be provided for one POV if the country the Marine is traveling to does not allow a shipment.

“First thing they need to do is contact us at (the Distribution Management Office) and set up an appointment to get entitlement questions answered, as far as his POV is concerned,” said Kern Garr, distribution management specialist, DMO. “It depends on what country they’re going to. That will determine if they’re allowed to ship or to store (a POV). You are only allowed to ship or to store one POV per order. They’ll need their web orders and (vehicle) registration.”

It is the military service member or Department of Defense civilian’s responsibility to ensure they are properly counseled on POV entitlements before bringing their vehicle they wish to transfer to the Vehicle Processing Center. The nearest VPC for Combat Center personnel is located in Rancho Dominguez, Calif. The VPC will let travelers know when and where a vehicle will arrive.

Vehicles may not be shipped within the continental United States unless there are medical circumstances restricting a service member from driving cross-country, said Garr. They must have documentation from a physician that states their inability to drive themselves.

Shipment or storage of a POV is limited to 20 measurement tons. If service members make their own arrangements to ship a POV commercially, they should still contact DMO for any vehicle restrictions that may apply to overseas countries. Expenses will come out-of-pocket and may result in an import fee on personal shipments or a second POV shipment.

To calculate the measurement ton of your POV, multiply the length of the vehicle, times the width, times height then divide by 1,728, which will give you the cubic feet of your POV, then divide the cubic feet by 40 to obtain your POV measurement ton.

For Marines and sailors stationed overseas, POVs will be accepted up to 12 months before they PCS. In the case of a leased vehicle, the service members must also provide written authority from the leasing company to have the vehicle transported to the new destination. All requirements stated in the lease are still the responsibility of the owner.

For more information contact DMO at 830-6119 or 830-6660, or email them at


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