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Marine Corps launches new fitness website

5 Apr 2013 | Cpl. Ali Azimi

The new Marine Corps fitness website,, is an all-in-one reference for individual and unit physical training. The expansive site provides guides, references and step-by-step workout plans for Marines.

Physical fitness is a part of Marine Corps culture and aids in the combat readiness the branch has come to be known for. The fitness website, which opened earlier this year, aids Marines reaching and keeping this fitness standard.

The website is based around the High Intensity Tactical Training program and in addition to video demonstrations and official guidance links on its homepage it features tools to support physical training.

There are a variety of features available through these simple to maneuver tabs.


HITT Training Programs


The HITT program is the foundation of the site and just like Marines, it is the cross between warriors and athletes. It implements the latest cutting edge training methods and fundamental principles to increase physical performance.

The site divides HITT into three categories: Warrior, which develops power and agility, Athlete, which develops basic strength and speed, and Combat, which develops functional strength and endurance. Each of its three divisions contains 25 predesigned work-outs to condition Marines for operational related activities and optimize physical performance during combat.

It provides everything from warm-ups and stretches to the main workout and finally going on to a competition portion to challenge Marines against each other. The approximate 45-minute workouts end with cool down stretches.

 In addition to choosing between the three HITT schedules, a workout of the day section of the HITT train programs tab is a unique feature on the site that chooses a workout from one of the three HITT divisions. Every day is something new and keeps the body guessing.


Create Workout


The Create Workout feature one of the site’s many physical training tools. It can be adjusted for personal or unit PT and provides templates to schedule 26 weeks of physical training with tabs to choose from all 25 exercises of each HITT types and other Marine Corps related physical training, such as swimming or Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. It acts as both a schedule and records of past exercises to see progress and make sure users are getting the most out of the workout.


Exercises and Search


There are hundreds of types of workouts on the website, some users may not have known about or ever heard of. The Exercise and Search Exercise tabs answers the questions of the site’s users.

They provide reference to the many aspects of HITT and their purpose. The search also provides downloadable videos of all the site’s individual exercises, demonstrated by Marines, and shows proper technique to maximize efforts.

The fitness website is an aid to Marines and their physical training. It provides them with tools and resources to improve themselves and other Marines under their command and a schedule to keep them on track.

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