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Ursula Morales, program coordinator, Combat Center Lifelong Learning Library, reads to children during storytime at the library July 30, 2013.

Photo by Cpl. D. J. Wu

Library offers story time for kids

2 Aug 2013 | Cpl. D.J. Wu

The Combat Center’s Lifelong Learning Library’s story time is an opportunity for kids to have an early start to literacy. It teaches them that reading can be fun and engaging. It is also a chance for kids and parents to socialize and meet new friends.

Early literacy, socialization and cognitive development are big goals for the program, said Ursula Morales, program coordinator, Lifelong Learning Library.

There are three different programs for story time. They have Read and Play, which includes a short story, songs and playtime; Story hour, with more stories and crafts; and Lap time, a shorter story time. The programs give kids a chance to build social skills and associate reading books with having a good time.

“It’s the highlight of their week,” said Michelle Doute, nanny of two kids participating in story time. “I bring them to get some socialization and be around other children. They love the songs and stories and playing. They even ask if they can go to the library now”

It’s more than just about the book for kids and parents. It’s a time to network while building up social skills.

“Before story time, (my son) had no other kid interaction,” said Susan Weldon, mom of a story time participant. “This has opened him up so much more. He’s learning to share with other kids and they’re teaching him a lot.”

The programs also have arts and crafts for the older age groups which are built in for further engagement for the whole group.

“I find that the tighter knit that the parents are, the better program you have,” Morales said. “When we get a continually growing group of parents that are all like minded, I think that helps with the goal of the program. It’s nice to have a great group of parents.”

Story time is available at the Lifelong Learning Library and has three different sessions a week. Read and Play is Mondays for ages zero to two. Tuesday is Story Hour for ages three to five. Wednesdays are Lap time for ages zero to two. For more information on what is available at the library, call 830-6875.

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