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‘Back to School Night’ links parents, teachers

17 Sep 2013 | Lance Cpl. Paul S. Martinez

Parents of children attending Condor Elementary met with the teachers and staff of Condor Elementary School during a “Back to School Night” at the campus Sept. 12, 2013.

The principal of Condor Elementary, Paul Gattuso, welcomed the parents in the school’s multi-purpose room and introduced the teachers for this school year. Then, Stephanie Tate, 5th grade teacher, addressed the parents.

“Our school community has led the obligation to become a culture that promotes collaboration and innovation,” Tate said. “This school has the potential to transform into a community of learners with shared values and shared purposes.”

The parents turned to visiting the classrooms their children learn in. During their visit, parents were made aware of classroom rules, the flow of the academic curriculum and upcoming projects for the students.

“I like this school because it is very involved with the community,” said Faye Gullick, program lead, Leaps and Bounds, Marine Corps Community Services.

Gullick’s son, Keynen, 8, has been enrolled at Condor for two years and embarked on his 4th grade year.

“He does very well with his reading,” Gullick said. “I hope he keeps excelling with his subjects.”

Parents new to Condor Elementary School took the opportunity to become familiar with how it will educate their children.

“I am feeling confident about this school year,” said Tiffany Velliquette, spouse of Staff Sgt. Brian Velliquete, motor transport maintenance chief, Headquarters Battalion. “This school appears more organized than the one we came from.”

The Velliquette family had moved from Pennsylvania, bringing their children, Cailin, 8, and Ameliana, 6, to Condor Elementary School.

“I'm hoping for an easy transition for them,” Tiffany said. “I think they can make friends much easier here.”

Similarly, the teachers at Condor Elementary School have their own aspirations for the school year.

“I’m teaching 1st grade for the first time and having a great time,” said Nora Baker, 1st grade teacher. “I aim to make sure my students meet the requirements for advancement to second grade, and I would also like to maintain a good classroom environment for them.”

The mutual comprehension Back to School Night brought between parents and teachers have both anticipating another great and fun-filled school year at Condor Elementary.

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