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HITT program challenges Marines

14 Nov 2013 | Lance Cpl. Alejandro Bedoya

The Marine Corps is known for its demanding physical fitness standards. Marines are urged to train daily and to seek out variety in their workout routines. High Intensity Tactical Training is a program offered to Marines aboard the Combat Center and across the Corps.

“We try to cover different aspects of fitness to make the Marine a complete athlete,” said Edmundo Rangel Jr., HITT coordinator. “We are here to build the Marines up, not break them down.”

HITT is a program implemented throughout the Marine Corps and according to its website, the primary purpose of the program is to enhance operational fitness levels and optimize combat readiness and resiliency. The program implements training methods and fundamentals to enhance the athleticism of Marines across the Corps. The HITT program emphasizes superior speed, power, strength, endurance and overall combat readiness while reducing the likelihood of injury.

HITT is based on three modules of physical conditioning. Each module contains 25 pre-designed workouts with escalating levels of physical demand and conditioning. The three modules are Athlete, Warrior, and Combat HITT.

Athlete HITT develops basic strength and linear speed. Athlete HITT is made up of different weighted exercises. Some exercises utilize body weight and others are conducted using different weights including kettle bells, barbells, and resistance trainers. Athlete HITT is recommended for use during pre-deployment or the early stages of post-deployment.

Combat HITT focuses on developing functional strength and endurance. This module is conducted using a variety of exercises including ammo can lifts, partner drills and different resistance exercises. Combat HITT is recommended during the deployment stage and periodically throughout the pre-deployment stage.

Warrior HITT develops explosive power and agility. In order to gain explosive power and agility, Warrior HITT utilizes different exercises and weights including battle ropes, ladders, and hurdles. This module is recommended to be conducted during the pre-deployment stage and the late stages of post-deployment.

“We might not be capable of showing them proper skills to use in combat,” Rangel said. “But we help their bodies be fit enough to respond to that type of situation or scenario.”

The HITT workout program can be customized and used by leaders or individual Marines as a training tool to plan and execute personal or unit fitness training. For more information on the HITT program visit

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