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Britoramirez has played soccer his whole life. His father taught him all he knows about the sport he is very passionate about.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Dave Flores

What I've Learned: Francisco Britoramirez

8 Jul 2016 | Lance Cpl. Dave Flores Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms

> I was born in California but I have lived in Phoenix for the past 11 years; it’s definitely where I would call home. Being out here in Twentynine Palms is a lot like Phoenix and so I love it.

> Before I could even walk, my dad would put a soccer ball in between my feet when I was in the crib. It’s all I’ve known since I could remember. Soccer has helped me learn discipline and mold myself into the man I am today.

> Soccer required me to learn patience. There were times during practice when I would want to give up and quit but my coaches, family and friends helped me build the confidence in myself. I also learned how to push myself without the assistance of others and developed the ability to stick with things even when they get rough.

> The lessons soccer has taught me have transitioned into the Marine Corps quite well. While on the soccer field, leaders are required to take charge of the team to guide their peers, keep them calm when things get hectic and ensure morale stays high.

> As a child I was very sick and I was always in and out of the hospital. I’m grateful for my parents because they would literally give up anything to take care of me. They would skip meals to able to afford my medicine. They sacrificed a lot when it came to raising me. Even though my upbringing was rough, I never complained about it because it made me stronger.

> I sat down with them after I joined the Marine Corps and thanked them for how hard they worked to provide for me.

> Aside from my parents, my biggest role model was my step-father. When my mother remarried, I was very weary and distant from him. As time went on I realized he made my mother genuinely happy. I now try to emulate that with my wife.

> I married the girl I’ve been with for over six years. I try to make her as happy as my step-father makes my mom. She stuck with me through the awkward phases of my life, from the long hair and acne to the fauxhawk soccer-player phase.

> I am excited to have children in the future because of the relationship that I had with my younger siblings. When my parents were going through their divorce I tried to teach them to be the best they can be. What really hit me was last year when they called me on Father’s Day and thanked me. Even though I’m not their father, they treated me like an important father figure.

> When I get older, I would love to have a home where all people are accepted and could stay if they needed to. It wouldn’t matter their sexual orientation, religion or race, I would want them to feel welcome. Every human being deserves respect; nothing should change that.

> I live by the saying, “Don’t forget where you came from and always remember where your roots lie.”

> I love what I do in the Marine Corps, I work with graphic design and I would like to pursue that outside of the Corps. It transitions into my huge love for video games.

> I’m a huge nerd when it comes to gaming. I love FIFA, first person shooters, and pretty much anything I can play competitively with someone. My favorite game series of all time is the Legend of Zelda, I’ve played all of them.

> While I’m here in Twentynine Palms, I want to become a HITT and MCMAP instructor so that I can stay occupied for a while. When people ask me what I’ve done for the Marine Corps I want to be able to give them a list of the feats I’ve accomplished.
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