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Lance Cpl. Daisy Martinez, postal clerk, Combat Center Postal Office, Headquarters Battalion, was inspired by her elementary school teachers to pursue a future in teaching children. When she moved from Mexico at a young age, her teachers taught her to speak English and how to read.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Levi Schultz

What I've Learned: Deisy Martinez

8 Sep 2016 | Lance Cpl. Levi Schultz Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms

>I grew up in a small town outside of Houston, Texas called Pasadena. It was relatively small so I wasn’t exposed to a lot of different races and cultures and most of my friends were Hispanic like me. Joining the Marine Corps has opened me up to different people and point of views.

>I took two years of college and got my associates degree at the same time I graduated high school. I didn’t want to continue with college so I joined the military because my older brother had joined the military.

>I have two brothers, both older than me, and two younger sisters. My brother in the Marines is a 0351 with [2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment.] I always saw him as pretty average, not doing anything out of the ordinary. When he joined the Marine Corps I was pretty shocked. Being able to say my brother was a Marine was something to be proud of. I wanted to follow in his footsteps.

>I got my associates in social poly-sciences; basically I studied psychology. An associate’s degree covers the more basic classes. Just being in college opens your mind to all sorts of things. It got me to read more articles and books to essentially educate myself in different facets of life.

>I especially enjoyed psychology because there are things people do that they don’t realize is common throughout all people. It’s pretty cool being able to understand why people act a certain way sometimes.

>I feel that in today’s world, the degree you get when you graduate is what really counts in a lot of jobs. While it’s not always the case, it opens the door for a lot of different things. Even if you do 20 years in the military, you might want to have a different job in the future. It’s good to have something to fall back on, even if school and a classroom setting is not your strength.

>I would like to get my bachelor’s degree while I’m still serving and later become an elementary school teacher. I feel like the teachers during those early years of your life are the ones who shape you the most. I want to be able to help other children as well.

>I was born in Mexico and came here with my family at the age of four. My father already had a job here and before we moved he would send back money. My teachers taught me to speak English and how to read.

>What I like most about serving in the military is that there is always somebody there for you. The Marines you work with are always willing to help you with whatever you need. This is the first time I’ve been away from home for this long. My fellow Marines have helped me adapt to the lifestyle by teaching me basic things like how to pay bills and to really take care of myself.
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