Resolution Process
The dispute resolution process (DRP) ensures you are guaranteed a prompt and fair resolution for housing issues.

PPV Housing Resolution Process

image of Dispute Resolution flyer

Do you have a needed repair, a suggestion or a concern? Liberty Military Housing is committed to enriching the lives of military families through providing quality homes and vibrant communities. Your feedback is an important piece in helping us accomplish this goal, and we want to ensure we provide you with an avenue to initially address your needed repair, suggestion or concern and the process to escalate it, should that be necessary. Our flyer provides an outline of the easy Three-Step process for concerns and opportunities to provide feedback. 

(See MCICOM Policy Letter 2-22)


Front Desk 760-830-6611
Housing Referral Specialist 760-830-1706
Jr Enlisted Housing Coordinator 760-830-1708
NCO Housing Coordinator 760-830-1707
SNCO / Officer Housing Coordinator 760-830-1709
Bldg. 1525 5th Street
0800-1600 Monday-Friday
Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms