Resident Energy Conservation Program
MCAGCC Resident Housing Energy Conservation Program

Resident Energy Conservation Program

Like all Navy and Marine Corps Bases, the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center participates in the Residential Energy Conservation Program (RECP).

RECP is the result of a Department of Defense (DOD) initiative that has been implemented in all Public-Private Venture (PPV) family housing units aboard all Marine Corps installations. RECP supports the Marine Corps’ energy strategy by encouraging energy conservation and reducing electricity costs.

Of the over 2,200 homes aboard MCAGCC, 64% receive a rebate or pay nothing each month; the remaining 36% pay an average of $25 a month.

RECP helps align base housing utility use with usage in private communities. The more energy-efficient residents are, the more money is saved and reinvested to improve base housing communities. Research shows that residents use over 20 percent less in utilities when they are directly responsible for utility Usage vs. Payments.

It is up to residents to determine what is acceptable energy usage based on their personal lifestyle choices.

Residents within plus or minus 10 percent of the average usage for their type home will have no cost impact. Residents using less energy than the plus or minus 10 percent average will be rewarded with cash or credit towards future bills. Residents using more energy than the plus or minus 10 percent average are billed for that usage in excess of the normal usage buffer zone.

Savings generated by RECP are reinvested into housing communities to improve homes, playgrounds, community centers, and quality of life for service-members and their families.

Housing officials continue to review housing areas, and are also conducting energy audits of those homes with higher than average usage to assist in helping residents lower their bills.

Of the over 2,200 homes aboard MCAGCC, 64% receive a rebate or pay nothing each month; the remaining 36% pay an average of $25 a month.

Approximately 90 percent of utility complaints are resolved by simply educating residents on the program. When residents are out of the normal range for energy usage, housing officials engage with education, energy audits and equipment calibration if needed. When equipment is found to be operating inefficiently, the resulting bill is often waived once repairs are affected, to include refunds if appropriate.

Headquarters Marine Corps RECP Guidance allows Wounded Warriors and Registered Exceptional Family Members (EFM) members living in privatized housing who consume significant amounts of electricity as a direct result of their unique medical circumstances to request a waiver. Waiver requests must be submitted through the EFMP office or the Wounded Warrior Bn.

Part of the Marine Corps Energy Ethos is education. We partner with Liberty Military Housing to ensure base residents have access to information about responsible energy use and to know how to request assistance. We strongly feel that energy conservation has both direct and indirect impacts on mission-readiness.

View the video or check out the menu at the top right of the page to learn more about the program. For general housing questions or additional assistance contact the Base Housing office at (760) 830-6611.


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