Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation - JCATS
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Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command and Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

JCATS is an entity level constructive simulation. Commanders can use JCATS for purposes similar to MTWS.

JCATS can model units down to the individual level, providing a higher level of resolution than MTWS. Typically, MTWS better suits the MAGTF warfighter's training needs, but JCATS provides better fidelity for certain training applications. For example, a unit who desires to use a UAS platform cannot see entities in MTWS, so JCATS is a better fit.

The BSC accomplishes UAS feeds using Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) or Night Vision Electronics Sensor Toolkit (NVESD).

The recommended training time for a typical MTWS exercise is:

  • 1 Day ā€“ Exercise planning/Scenario Development (differs based on experience level of unit)

  • 2 Days ā€“ Operator training

  • 2 Days ā€“ Exercise

  • Company, battalion, and up to regimental staff operations.

  • Familiarity with C2 concepts and visualizations.

  • Staff training exercises the following skills:

    • Fire Support

    • Offensive

    • Defensive

    • ACM

    • Close Air Support (CAS)

    • Ship to shore movement

    • Logistics

    • Naval surface warfare

    • Carrier operations

    • Opposing force

Mainside, Building 1655 classroom with ability to distribute the common operating picture (COP) to MISTC or CPā€™s in various local or geographically dispersed locations.

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