Operator Driver Simulator - ODS
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The Operator Driver Simulator is a high fidelity immersive technical skills trainer for teaching Marines how to safely drive vehicles in the USMC inventory.

The ODS can be configured to operate and train in three distinct configurations: the MTVR 7-ton truck, HMMWV, and the MRAP (Cougar & Buffalo). The ODS provides realistic tactile/haptic feedback to the student through the steering wheel, pedals and dashboard controls that replicate the experience of driving the actual respective vehicle.

The ODS also models the effects of wind, temperature, precipitation, traction, tire pressure, and road surface on the handling characteristics of the vehicle.

The system can simulate driving conditions in most foreign areas of operations including Afghanistan and Iraq. Conditions can be varied from flat open terrain to the treacherous off-road mountain passes in Afghanistan.

Scenarios typically run 15 to 30 minutes depending on the mission.

Marines will operate the MTVR, MRAP, and/or the HMMWV.

Camp Wilson Dual ODS Trailer: 2 Marines at a time.

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