Battle Simulation Center

The Battle Simulation Center (BSC) facilitates unit training with minimal overhead.

The BSC is located on Mainside in Building 1655 on Griffin Road. This space contains two classrooms capable of unit training and a conference room with audio/visual capability.

The BSC provides training at several different levels, ranging from training for the individual Marine up to the regimental level. The BSC has a variety of simulation systems to enhance training. Units can schedule equipment and space on a first-come-first-served basis. Some prioritization is required due to unit deployment schedules.

The BSC staff will provide units with training and assistance in the use of the simulations, specifically with respect to the advantages and limitations of each simulation platform. The BSC staff will tailor training to meet the unit’s specific training goals.

Simulation Officer
(760) 830-8439

Site Manager, CAI
(760) 830-1366

(760) 830-9240

(760) 830-1382

(760) 362-2324

Building 1707 ISMT
(760) 830-3143

(760) 830-5622/5620

Camp Wilson ODS &CCS Simulators
(760) 830-4643

(760) 830-7544

DSN 230-xxxx


  • DVTE: VBS2, CAN, TLTS, ROC series, and others

  • DVTE Train-the-Trainer course

The Battle Simulation Center accesses the following networks within its spaces: NIPRNET, SIPRNET, and Joint Training and Experimentation Network (JTEN).

Scheduling can be done by phone in a few minutes.

Information the staff will need includes

  • unit name

  • type of training

  • number of personnel to be trained

  • dates and times desired

  • POC (generally the OIC for the training group)

Location: Building 1655 (between 7th & 8th Streets) on Griffin.

Hours: 0730 – 1630, Monday through Friday.

Director: (760) 830-9204

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms