Camp Wilson
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Twentynine Palms, California
Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command and Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

Camp Wilson Simulators and the BSC Annex in Trailer 5501 has made simulation available to units billeted in the Camp Wilson containment area. A simulation complex includes the large task trainers as well as a small simulation center. All vehicle and convoy simulators are housed at Camp Wilson.

With a full DVTE suite in the simulation center, Camp Wilson offers a wide array of simulation opportunities right where units are billeted.

  • Combat Convoy Simulator (CCS)

  • Operator Driver Simulator (ODS)

  • HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer (HEAT)

  • MRAP Egress Trainer (MET)

  • DVTE: VBS3, CAN, TLTS, ROC series, and others.

Schedule CCS, ODS, and HEAT through RFMSS, sponsored by Range Control. Schedule DVTE training by phone through the Battle Simulation Center.

CCS: (760) 830-4299

ODS: (760) 830-4643

HEAT/MET: (760) 830-7544

DVTE Lead: (760) 830-5622

Hours: 0730 – 1630, Monday through Friday, however staff at Camp Wilson can accommodate any schedule based on the training needs of the unit.

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms