Combined Arms Network (CAN) of Simulations

Combined Arms Network

The CAN is a series of personal computer based first person perspective fire support training simulations. Elements of the CAN can be used in a stand-alone mode, but the training audience fully realizes the benefits when used in a distributed networked model for training fire support teams (FiSTs).

The CAN and its component parts are designed to allow Marines of all skill levels to develop and practice their combined arms and fire support skills on a variety of targets (both stationary and mobile). It can provide doctrinal feedback on calls made, and help novices correct errors.

Administrators can easily adjust user settings to create more difficult missions so that students remain challenged as their skill level increases. The CAN is made up of stations for training the Forward Observer, the 81mm Fire Support Coordinator, the Forward Air Controller, and the Fire Support Team Leader.

With Twentynine Palms as one of the terrain databases, VBS3 can serve as a rehearsal platform for live training events. The CAN is part of the Deployed Virtual Training Environment (DVTE) suite of simulations.

The recommended training time is highly dependent upon the task being trained and the skill level of the individual Marine. The simulation staff can work with units to find the proper balance of time invested to acquire the desired skill level.

Training Applications

  • Individual and FiST Supporting Arms Training.
  • Call for CAS procedures.
  • Familiarization with the different fire support equipment.
  • Company Level Fire Support Teams (FiST).
  • Effective training venue for refresher training for those Marines who are rusty on their call for fire skills or for supporting team building and effectiveness of the FiST. CAN training also works well when combined with the SAVT.


  • Mainside, Building 1655 Classroom: 26 individuals.
  • Camp Wilson trailer 5501T6: 29 individuals.
  • Unit DVTE: 32 individuals.


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