Combined Arms Planning Tool - CAPT
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The CAPT is a stand-alone tool that can be used to enter and test all elements of a fire support plan.

Doctrinal rules have been incorporated into the program, so that once the fire support plan is entered, CAPT runs a “rules based” test on the plan to identify potential trouble areas. For example, the software would identify that a Marine had moved a unit into a new sector before it had been cleared, or had fixed or rotary wing aircraft traversing through artillery arcs.

Note: Due to the small file size, CAPT files (XML) can be sent easily through tactical networks. Companies can work their fire support plan and email the file to the Battalion. The Battalion can input all companies’ fire support plans and overlay its combined arms. If the Battalion discovers errors or coordination problems, the file can be easily sent back down to the company for resolution. This process could be repeated between the regiment and the battalion.

The training audience for the CAPT is the individual Marine Fire Support Planner.

Training time on this software is very much dependent on individual prior experience with fires support and combined arms planning. Units should plan for a minimum of two training sessions for about two hours each and then judge progression from there.

  • Mainside, Building 1655 Classroom: 26 individuals.

  • Mainside, Building 1707 Classroom: 16 individuals.

  • Camp Wilson trailer 5501T6: 29 individuals.

  • Unit DVTE: 32 individuals.

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