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DVTE is a suite that is resident in most fleet units. The suite contains 32 laptop computers with all of the mouses, cables, switches, and headsets needed to set up and network the hardware. All of the gear is packed in nine Pelican cases for easy transport and deployment. Each computer contains a suite of tactical simulations capable of training audiences from the individual Marine through battalion staffs. Using DVTE, a unit can set up its own simulation center in a classroom, barracks, berthing space, firm base, or other location. A unit does not need a simulation center; it can use its own. The unit can get Marines trained to operate the simulations through the MAGTFTC Battle Simulation Center (BSC), or the unit can request BSC staff to run the simulations on site. However a unit chooses to use its DVTE, the simulation staff at MCAGCC stands ready to help Marines get the most out of this valuable toolbox.

Many units choose to set up their DVTE suites on a semi-permanent basis in a designated space, such as a classroom. If your unit chooses to set up an internal DVTE lab, the MCAGCC contractor staff can help. The contractors can provide advice on the best layout for the computer suite. When it comes to physically setting up the computers, the staff can assist with running cables, connecting switches, and establishing a network that will support the unit’s training needs.

A unit needs trained operators in order to administer its own DVTE suite. Operators set up and troubleshoot the DVTE network, know the applications available on DVTE, and know the basic operation of the applications. Marines at the NCO and junior enlisted level who have had DVTE training can be valuable assets to the unit’s training mission. MAGTFTC does not run regularly scheduled courses for this training. Instead, the MAGTFTC contractor staff will tailor DVTE training to the needs of the unit on a by request basis. Operators can be trained on a single DVTE application, all the DVTE applications, or anything in between. The length of the course can be tailored to the unit’s needs as well. The contractor staff can teach the course at the BSC or at the unit’s own DVTE suite. In order to fully learn all DVTE applications, two weeks of operator’s training is required. This training can be limited to as little as two or three days for a single application.

A unit’s leadership must know how to incorporate DVTE into its training in order effectively employ its DVTE suite. The MAGTFTC contractor staff offers a Train the Trainer course on a by request basis in order to familiarize SNCO’s and junior officers with the applications available in the DVTE suite and how to use the applications effectively in a training program. MAGTFTC offers three types of Train the Trainer courses:

  • Overview Brief: A one hour overview brief provides unit leaders with a basic understanding of the different DVTE applications, their capabilities, and their uses in a training program. This brief is well suited to leaders at the battalion staff level as well as company commanders and executive officers.
  • Familiarization Training: A four hour, or half day, familiarization training gives unit leaders the information from the overview brief plus some hands-on time with each application so that the unit leader has a firsthand appreciation for what each application does and how to implement each in a training program. The training session can be tailored to include all applications or just the ones the training audience wants to see. This training is well suited to company grade officers and senior SNCO’s.
  • Implementation Training: A sixteen hour implementation training gives unit leaders an in depth understanding of how to use DVTE applications effectively in their training. This session can be two straight days or spread out over several days according to the needs of the unit. Well suited to junior officers and SNCO’s, this training teaches Marines how use the DVTE applications as part of their toolbox to teach Marines the battlefield skills within the unit METL.
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