Fire Support Team
Training Packages


Basic Call For Fire (CFF) and Close Air Support (CAS) Request

The basic CFF and CAS request are core skills for the modern battlefield. Simulation training provides the bridge between the slideshows of the classroom and the expensive logistics of the live range. Simulation offers the opportunity to work up indirect fire and air missions and execute the requests over and over again until the skill is well-developed second nature. The contained simulation environment offers the unit trainer the opportunity to watch Marines practice the skills, isolate problem areas, and direct remedial training where needed to make each Marine as proficient as possible.

Supporting simulations: FOPCSIM, DVTE CAN, VBS2
Recommended training time: 2 to 8 hours

Basic FiST procedures

The heart of combined arms execution is the Marine FiST team. Led by a maneuver company Executive Officer, the team closely integrates indirect fire and close air support with maneuver on the ground. This exciting skill set involves close coordination through both time and space. Even seasoned FiST members must work together as a team before becoming a proficient FiST. Simulation offers the FiST venues to plan the combined arms mission as well as venues to execute the mission with realistic three dimensional graphics. Coordination honed through practice makes a FiST highly valuable on the Marine battlefield, and simulation is readily available to enable the development of this skill set.

Supporting simulations: CAPT, SAVT, DVTE CAN, VBS2
Recommended training time: 4 to 8 hours

Enhanced Mojave Viper (EMV) Fire Support Coordination Exercise (FSCEX) Rehearsal

The EMV FSCEX is the first test of a FiST’s skills. This exercise allows FiSTs to develop and execute the combined arms “package” on the desert floor of MCAGCC. Simulation allows FiSTs to get the most out of the valuable live ordnance by providing a rehearsal venue to practice the basics. With exact MCAGCC terrain and FSCEX target sets, simulation provides an ultra-realistic environment to iron out the wrinkles of FiST coordination.

Supporting simulations: CAPT, SAVT, DVTE CAN, VBS2
Recommended training time: 4 to 8 hours

Combined Arms Maneuver Package

Proficiency in the individual call for fire, call for close air support, or fire support team integration is not enough. For these skills to be useful on the battlefield, they must be integrated with maneuver in a way that supports the tactical objective. With both mounted and dismounted maneuver options, simulation offers Marines the opportunity to practice combined arms as part of a larger tactical scenario, using the indirect fire and close air support to best effect the commander’s intent.

Supporting simulations: VBS2, CACCTUS
Recommended training time: 2 to 8 hours


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