Recognition of Combatants (ROC)
  • Suicide Bomber (ROC-SB)
  • Vehicles (ROC-V)

The ROC series of trainers are designed to instruct Marines to recognize various battlefield hazards (IEDs, Suicide Bombers, and enemy vehicles).

The ROC trainers offer videos and require user interaction in every exercise and provide highly accurate images of battlefield hazards through different types of sights, such as daylight, thermal, and night vision imagery.

The trainers have a pre and a post test so students and staff can track their progress and account for the numbers of Marines who attend the training.

The ROC series is part of the Deployed Virtual Training Environment (DVTE) suite of simulations.

Simulation Officer
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Site Manager, CAI
(760) 830-1366

(760) 830-9240

(760) 830-1382

(760) 362-2324

Building 1707 ISMT
(760) 830-3143

(760) 830-5622/5620

Camp Wilson ODS &CCS Simulators
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DSN 230-xxxx

  • Recognition of Battlefield Hazards.

  • Mainside, Building 1655 Classroom: 26 individuals.

  • Camp Wilson trailer 5501T6: 29 individuals.

  • Unit DVTE: 32 individuals.

Modules are short (~15 Minutes). Two hours is a reasonable training time. ROC training can easily be combined with TLTS.

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