Supporting Arms Virtual Trainer - SAVT
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Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command and Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

Designed to train JTAC’s, the SAVT provides a fully immersive environment in which virtual aircraft come to life in a large domed building.

A full FiST team can practice controlling indirect fire and close air support. The trainer features the actual equipment used by FiST teams including binoculars, range finders, etc.

The FiST practices procedures with voice recognition software that forces Marines to get their radio transmissions doctrinally correct. Air controllers can watch aircraft maneuver across the domed ceiling, making the SAVT the only simulator that realistically trains the skill of clearing aircraft to drop ordnance.

The advanced graphics and room design combined with the real equipment of the FiST team make the SAVT an extremely realistic training environment to prepare for live combined arms training in the field.

The FiST team should plan to spend at least a half day in SAVT. If a unit combines SAVT training with CAN training in Building 1707, FiST teams can rotate through several missions in a day, gaining value from the strengths of both simulation platforms.

  • Individual and FiST Supporting Arms Training.

  • Call for CAS procedures.

  • Familiarization with the different fire support equipment.

  • Company Level Fire Support Teams (FiST).

  • Effective training venue for refresher training for those Marines who are rusty on their call for fire skills or for supporting team building and effectiveness of the FiST. SAVT training also works well when combined with the CAN.

Mainside, Building R4 in the parking lot of Building 1707: 4 individuals.

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