Virtual Battlespace Simulation - VBS3
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VBS3 is a first person shooter small unit tactics simulation that provides fully interactive training in a three-dimensional environment.

The personal computer based system offers a fully configurable virtual battlefield where BSC analysts or unit trainers can create and customize scenarios to accommodate unit training requirements.

Training applications can range from exercising individual tactics, techniques, and procedures for a single Marine to distributed scenarios involving up to 100 Marines at various distributed locations. Marines can train in a number of physical environments, with the scenario and level of opposition tailored to meet the unit’s needs. 

Marines can act as a single unit against a simulated OPFOR in VBS3’s stand-alone mode or the training unit can be divided into two groups that are competing against one another with one group acting as the OPFOR for the other. Additionally, simulation center personnel are trained in VBS3 and often act as the OPFOR for unit training sessions. 

VBS3 offers a wide variety of training environments across the globe and additional terrain databases can be created with the appropriate lead time. 

VBS3 is part of the DVTE suite of applications which can used at the Battle Simulation Center or checked out for use in the unit’s spaces. Using “Green gear” plugins VBS3 can be connected to the following systems: C2PC, StrikeLink, AFATDS, and BFT.

The recommended training time is highly dependent upon the task being trained and the skill level of the individual Marine. The simulation staff can work with units to find the proper balance of time invested to acquire the desired skill level.

  • Individual and FiST Supporting Arms Training.

  • Call for CAS procedures.

  • Integration of indirect fire and close air support with maneuver.

  • Company Level Fire Support Teams (FiST).

  • Effective training venue for taking FiST procedures beyond an isolated static event and making the skill set part of a larger mission.

  • Mainside, Building 1655 Classroom: 26 individuals.

  • Camp Wilson trailer 5501T6: 29 individuals.

  • Unit DVTE: 32 individuals.

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