Vehicle Training
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Driver Training

Not only must vehicle drivers be qualified to operate Marine Corps gear, they must be proficient in their skills to keep themselves and their equipment alive and safe on the roads of a combat environment. In simulation, Marine drivers can make the mistakes that would never be allowed under the safety constraints of a live environment. With realistic graphics and vehicle controls, Marines and can get the feel of their vehicle in the harshest of conditions.

Supporting simulations: ODS
Recommended training time: 2 to 8 hours

Vehicle Rollover Training

Vehicle rollover training is a requirement for predeployment training, and it saves lives on the battlefield. Marines who understand their responsibilities during a rollover accident are better able to work as a team to ensure their own survival and the survival of their fellow Marine. Training is offered for both the HMMWV and MRAP.

Supporting simulations: HEAT, MET
Recommended training time: 2 to 4 hours

Off-Road Driving

Because of limited range time and concern for vehicle damage, few drivers get to focus on off-road driving skills. Instead, such skills are developed in an ad hoc manner as unfortunate situations arise. The MAGTFTC simulation staff offers simulation training to enhance off-road skills. Course participants will learn the art of self-recovery, proper four-wheeled driving techniques, braking techniques for steep terrain, and other skills that will take them to the next level of proficiency.

Supporting simulations: ODS
Recommended training time: 2 to 4 hours

Crew Reaction Drills

Vehicle operation involves more than just driving. The driving must support what the vehicle commander wants to do. Also, the crew must work together to make the vehicle effective, employing on-board weapon systems for the best effect. Using simulation, vehicle crews can practice internal coordination, weapons employment drills, scanning techniques, and other skills that will make them safe on the road and deadly in a fight.

Supporting simulations: CCS
Recommended training time: 2 to 8 hours


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