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You are what you Eat

20 Jul 2012 | LCpl. Lauren Kurkimilis

During the summer months, getting into better shape and being healthy is often at the forefront of people's minds. Finding the right balance of food can seem difficult for military members and their families. Whether the desired results are building muscle mass, supporting endurance or losing and maintaining weight, it can be confusing when looking for credible advice.

“So many people follow terrible nutrition advice,” said Lt. Stephanie C. Clapper, registered dietitian, Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital. “Between diets, supplements and workouts, people often buy into myths that are presented as miracle solutions. There's no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to nutrition, but it can be easier than expected.” 

The trick to eating right is—there is no trick. Learning when your body is really hungry and learning to enjoy flavor in healthy foods will be the best strategy to develop healthy eating habits.

Enjoy healthy eating and learn to look at food as a nourishing friend rather than a fattening enemy. You can eat all kinds of food and still be healthy. Learn to eat to fuel the body for health and wellness rather than therapy or recreation.

“Small changes make a big difference,” said Clapper. “If you try to completely change the way you're living and eating, it'll be very easy to get off track. You could become discouraged, but if you make small changes along the way, you'll build healthy habits that you'll be able to live by.”

Just like many things in life, the best way to get what you want, is with preparation.

“No matter what your personal goal is when it comes to nutrition, the most important tool you can use is planning,” said Clapper.  “With proper planning, you set yourself up for success by avoiding the temptation to give in to convenient or comfort food.”

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