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RECEP saves energy

6 Jul 2012 | Cpl. Sarah Dietz

The Marine Corps is implementing a Resident Energy Conservation Program at all its military family housing areas. The goal of this program is to reduce energy costs.  Savings from this program will be used to improve Marine Corps housing areas and therefore improve the quality of life for its residents.  

The RECP is already in effect at Marine Corps Base Hawaii and Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, N.C has been proven to be an effective energy conservation program. 

To get the RECP underway at MCAGCC, average energy use for each type of housing will be determined. This information will be used to determine an energy baseline for each house. If residents stay within 10% of their baseline, they will be unaffected. The vast majority of families living in one of MCAGCC’s housing areas will fall into this category. However, if a family exceeds their baseline by more than 10 percent, they will be billed for this excessive usage. Conversely, if a family’s energy usage is more than 10 percent below their baseline, they will receive a credit.

A three-month mock billing period will begin in the spring of 2013 and actual billing will begin in the summer of 2013.

Residents will receive a letter explaining the program in more detail. If you would like more information fell free to contact the housing office at any time. For more information call 830-6611.

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