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Combat Center hosts Multicultural Celebration Day

5 Nov 2013 | Cpl. Ali Azimi

The Marine Corps is a melting pot of different cultural identities which come together to form a single fighting force. Diversity throughout the Corps provides insight into cultures that Marines may otherwise know nothing about.


This diversity is something to celebrate and Combat Center Marines did so with the first Multicultural Celebration Day in 13 years at the Hashmarks Club Nov. 1.


“We wanted to have a day to represent the diversity and the vast amount of cultures the Marine Corps has,” said Gunnery Sgt. Jesse Brown, equal opportunity advisor, Headquarters Battalion. “As much as we are the same, we are all different. We need to respect each other’s diversity and cultural backgrounds.”


The event brought together Marines with backgrounds from countries around the world to share their culture with everyone in attendance.


Displays representing the different cultures lined the walls of the SNCO club, while Marines who represented each culture stood behind the tables to talk about their heritage and offer additional knowledge on their heritage.


“It’s an honor to share your culture with other people,” said Lance Cpl. Thomas Salukombo, who represented Congo, the nation of Africa, at the event. “That’s what life is about, sharing.”


In addition to the displays, the clubs lunch options changed to a selection of cultural foods, ranging from Philipino cuisine to Hispanic and Japanese foods.


This may have been the first Multicultural Celebration Day in 13 years at the Combat Center, but it isn’t planned to be the last.


“This was my first one here,” Brown said. “Next year, we plan on doing it bigger and better.”

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