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PMO offers lost, found service

2 Dec 2015 | Lance Cpl. Levi Schultz Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms

Fortunately, the Provost Marshal’s Office offers a lost and found for Combat Center personnel and residents who have lost an important item or are trying to return valuable property to its owner.

“It’s important for personnel to know that the lost and found is here and they can drop off missing valuables with the desk sergeant,” said Cory Ottum, physical security specialist, Provost Marshal’s Office. “The desk sergeant is present 24/7 for those turning in lost items. For those looking to reclaim a lost object, our hours are between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.”

According to Ottum, the majority of items turned in are credit cards, IDs, driver licenses, wallets and occasionally pieces of jewelry. Additionally, PMO receives objects collected by Marine Corps Community Services on a monthly basis.

“When you see something missing and don’t know what to do with it; bring it in,” said Ottum. “Things we don’t take include disposable items such as used clothing and anything that has no value to the owner or is easily replaceable. Weapons and knives are turned into the Criminal Investigative Division for screening and are then disposed of.”

The process of claiming an item simply requires the person to describe in detail any distinguishing markings or features. Showing a picture or marking the item with name and contact information prior can accelerate the process further.

For more information on PMO’s lost and found services, contact the desk sergeant at 830-6800 or visit building 1407.

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