DSO - Non-judicial Punishment
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NonJudicial Punishment Information


  • Refuse NJP
  • Appear before the CO during the NJP
  • Remain silent or make a statement
  • Have a spokesperson (other than an attorney)
  • Confront witnesses and documents used against you
  • Plead guilty or not guilty
  • Present matters in your behalf (letters, documents, etc.):
    • In Defense (if pleading not guilty, this shows why you are not guilty)
    • In extenuation (if pleading guilty, this gives good reason why you did it)
    • In mitigation (if pleading guilty, this is a reason why the CO should lessen your punishment)
  • Have witnesses appear in your behalf
    • On the merits of the offense or
    • As good character witnesses
  • Have NJP proceedings open to the public
  • Appeal (if punishment is unjust or disproportionate to the offense)

Maximum Punishment

Company Grade (Company-Level) NJP
Restriction: 14 days
EPD: 14 days
Forfeitures: 7 day's pay
Reduction: None (CO must have promotion authority to be able to reduce)

Field Grade (Battalion-Level) NJP
Restriction: 60 days (45 if in conjunction with EPD)
EPD: 45 days
Forfeitures: ½ of pay for 2 months
Reduction: 1 pay grade


Charges may be dropped or

Administrative action may be taken (page 11 counseling, administrative separation, non-punitive letter of caution, etc.) or

Charges may be referred to either a summary or special court-martial


Summary Court-Martial
Maximum Punishment

E-4 and below: to E-1
E-5 and above: 1 pay grade

Special Court-Martial
Maximum Punishment

Confinement: 12 months
Forfeitures: ⅔ pay for 12 months
Reduction: to E-1
Discharge: Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD)

Making Your Case: Personal & Character Statements

Before you come in for NJP counseling, think about what you will say and what others might say in your behalf. If you plan to make a statement, start work on it and bring it with you when you come in for counseling. If you plan to ask anyone else to be a witness, notify them and ask them if they are willing to be a witness for you. The following documents provide guidance on making statements and preparing character witnesses.

Your Personal Statement

Request for and Outline of Character Statement (specifically designed to be submitted in writing at court-martial)



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