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Explosive Ordinance Disposal

MAGTF Training Directorate (MTD)

MAGTFTC, MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, California
Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
EODThe Marine Corps EOD mission is to support the Marine Air Ground Task Force, Supporting Establishment, Homeland Defense, and Special Operations Forces, by locating, accessing, identifying, rendering safe, neutralizing, and disposing of hazards from foreign and domestic, Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear and High-Yield Explosive (CBRNE), Unexploded Explosive Ordnance (UXO), Improvised Explosive Device (IED), and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that present a threat to operations, installations, personnel, or materiel.

EOD Responsibilities

Range Sweeps: Clear impact areas of unexploded ordnance to allow units to safely maneuver in the training areas.

Dud Calls: Respond to training areas where dud are located IF the dud is interfering with training. If the dud is not interfering with training, mark and obtain a grid coordinate, and give the information to BEARMAT.

Misfires: Very few misfires are handled by the EOD unit, most misfires can be dealt with by following established misfire procedures. This is normally done by the individual who is trained on that weapon system. The majority of misfires can be repacked and turned back into the Ammo Supply Point. If the unit cannot reinsert the safety pin(s), EOD will respond.

Hangfires: In the case of TOWS and Dragons, if the munition is a hangfire, the unit will have to download the munition from the launcher, mark the area in which the missile is placed, obtain and provide BEARMAT an accurate eight digit grid coordinate, and leave the missile in place with a guard until EOD can take care of it. EOD will not respond to destroy such items during the hours of darkness. Hangfires are not returned to the issuing ASP.

Dud Briefs: Provide Dud Safety Orientation Lectures for Marines to know what actions they can take and what they should not do if they should encounter unexploded ordnance. To schedule a Dud Brief contact Range Management Office at 830-6945.

Technical Assistance for Ordnance/Explosives: Provide professional assistance on foreign and domestic ordnance. Also provide technical assistance on explosives and explosives effects. To receive technical assistance contact EOD operations at ext 6047/6050/6046.

Ordnance training, foreign and domestic: Provide classes on foreign and domestic ordnance.

Improvised Explosive Devices (Bomb Threat): EOD will be notified by Central Dispatch to respond after a suspect device has been located.

United States Secret Service Support: As directed; provide USSS with EOD Teams in suport of specified VIPs.

Inerting: Disassemble ordnance for the purpose of technical intelligence, field evaluation and training.
EOD Contacts
EOD Contacts
(760) 830-6885

Center EOD

OIC: (760) 830-6047
AOIC: (760) 830-6050
NCOIC: (760) 830-6046
Operations: (760) 830-6050/6047

Explosive Ordnance Disposal
OIC: (760) 830-6459/6465
NCOIC: (760) 830-6459/6465

DSN: 230-xxxx

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