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Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command and Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

The Adjutant Office is responsible for preparation and promulgation of MAGTFTC/MCAGCC directives; preparation and promulgation of MAGTFTC/MCAGCC forms; preparation and processing of awards for signature by MAGTFTC/MCAGCC Commanding General and submission of awards to higher headquarters; managing Freedom of Information and Privacy Act of 1974 requests and requirements; conference management; and preparation and publishing CDO/CDSNCO and security liaison duty roster assignments.

Combat Center Bulletins

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 SSIC 1000 - Military Personnel
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Public 1050 Holiday Liberty Periods - Fiscal Year 2024
Public 1320 Fleet Assistance Program - Fiscal Year 2024
Public 1400 Board and Promotion Schedule Fiscal Year 2024
CAC 1601 Combat Center Duty Roster - May 2024
CAC 1601 Combat Center Duty Roster - June 2024
 SSIC 2000 - Telecommunications
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    No Bulletins at This Time
 SSIC 3000 - Operations & Readiness
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CAC 3000 Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command, Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Vulnerability Assessment Team
Public 3440 Mission Assurance Meetings, Training and Exercise Employment Plan for Fiscal Year 2024
Public 3730 Combat Center Fire Department and Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Mutual Support Standard Operating Procedures
 SSIC 4000 - Logistics
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    No Bulletins at This Time
 SSIC 5000 - General Admin & Management
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Public 5090 Fiscal Year 2024 Environmental Compliance Evaluation Self Audit Program
Public 5215 Quarterly Checklist of Effective Directives
Public 5216 Authority to Sign Correspondence By Direction
Public 5340 2024 Active Duty Fund Drive in Support of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
CAC 5530 Consolidated List of Restricted Areas
 SSIC 6000 - Medicine & Dentistry
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    No Bulletins at This Time
 SSIC 7000 - Finance Management
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    No Bulletins at This Time
 SSIC 8000 - Ordnance Material
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CAC 8020 Explosives Safety Self-Assessments and Facility Inspections
 SSIC 10000 - General Material
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Public 10150 Data Call for General Equipment Replenishment, Replacement, and Acquisition Plans for Fiscal Execution Year 2025, Budget Year 2026, and Program Years 2027-2031
 SSIC 11000 - Fac & Act Ashore
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CAC 11101 Key and Essential Personnel Assignment for Base Housing
 SSIC 12000 - Civilian Personnel
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    There are no bulletins at this time

Combat Center Orders

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 SSIC 1000 - Military Personnel
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Public 1020.11X Combat Center Uniform and Civilian Attire Regulations for Armed Forces Personnel
CAC 1300.2L Personnel Assignment, Reassignment and Distribution Procedures
PUBLIC 1301.21 Assumption of Command
Public 1320.4D Fleet Assistance Program
Public 1400.4B Meritorious Promotion to Private First Class through Sergeant
Public 1400.5A Noncommissioned Officer Promotion Panel
Public 1601.17K Combat Center Duty Orders
Public 1620.1E Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board and Off-Installation Military Enforcement Services
Public 1630.6D Discipline and Law Enforcement Regulations (Click here for Instruction Manual)
Public 1630.8H Motor Vehicle and Traffic Safety Regulations (Click here for Instruction Manual)
Public 1650.1J Awards Program
Public 1650.3E Noncommissioned Officer and Marine of the Quarter Program
Public 1700.13C Standard Operating Procedures for Recreational Use of the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Off-Road Recreational Area
Public 1700.14B Request Mast
Public 1710.4F Unit and Family Readiness Funds and Fundraising Funds
Public 1720.1P Alcoholic Beverage Controls
Public 1720.16D Command Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention Program
Public 1730.4J Command Religious Program
Public 1752.1B CH-1 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program
Public 1754.2A Family Advocacy Committee
Public 1755.1D Children In Self-Care and/or Self-Release
 SSIC 2000 - Telecommunications
Access Order Subject
Public 2000.3B Portable Electronic Device Use
Public 2010.1E Telecommunications Design Standards
CAC 2620.1C Information Systems Coordinator Program
 SSIC 3000 - Operations & Readiness
Access Order Subject
Public 3000.4E MAGTFTC, MCAGCC Mission Assurance
CAC 3000.5C Implementation of the Land Acquisition and Airspace Establishment Project at Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command, Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center
Public 3040.2E Military Funeral Honors
CAC 3070.1C Ch1 Operations Security
Public 3130.1C Search and Rescue Operations Aboard the Combat Center
Public 3440.3A MAGTFTC, MCAGCC Emergency Mass Notification
Public 3440.4B Crisis Action Team and Emergency Operations Center Activation Levels
Public 3500.16A Service Level Training Exercise Order
Public 3500.17B MAGTFTC, MCAGCC Standing Working Groups
Public 3500.18 MAGTFTC Trend Reversal and Reinforcement Process
CAC 3500.19 MAGTFTC Campaign Plan
CAC 3500.20 Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command's Support to the Activation of 12th Marine Littoral Regiment Outline Order
Public 3500.4M MAGTFTC, MCAGCC Range, Training Area, and Airspace Program
Public 3504.1B Commander's Critical Information Requirements Reporting Policy
CAC 3550.1 Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in the National Airspace System
Public 3571.1C Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Public 3574.3 Standard Operating Procedures for Recreational Firing
Public 3800.1C Intelligence Oversight for MAGTFTC, MCAGCC
 SSIC 4000 - Logistics
Access Order Subject
Public 4650.3B Designation of the local commuting area
Public 4650.4B MAGTFTC, MCAGCC Transportation Incentive Program
 SSIC 5000 - General Admin & Management
Access Order Subject
CAC 5000.8 Combat Center Installation Personnel Administration Center
Public 5000.11C Command Policy for the Use of the Interactive Customer Evaluation System
Public 5040.5S Commanding General's Inspection Program
Public 5050.7A Conference Attendance Requests, Conference Hosting Requests, and Non-Mission Critical Travel Management
Public 5090.1J Environmental Protection (Click here for Instruction Manual)
Public 5100.15N Safety Program and Commanding General's Safety Awards Program
Public 5100.2F Lead, Asbestos, and Mold Control Program
Public 5100.22D Safety Training Classes and Meetings
Public 5102.1C Procedures for Responding to a Training Mishap Resulting in Death or Serious Injury
Public 5110.3B Ch.1 Military Post Office Management Program
Public 5200.2D Annual Occupational Safety and Health Inspection Schedule
Public 5210.4E Records Management Program
Public 5210.5E Essential Records Program
Public 5211.2B Privacy Act Program
Public 5213.9E Forms Management Program
Public 5214.2E Information Requirements (Reports) Management Program
Public 5215.10D Directives Management Program
CAC 5216.9L Administrative Correspondence
Public 5239.2D Cybersecurity
Public 5271.1 MAGTFTC MCAGCC Information Management & Knowledge Management Plan
Public 5354.3B MAGTFTC MCAGCC Prohibited Activities and Conduct Prevention and Response Policy
Public 5420.42B MAGTFTC, MCAGCC Executive Steering Committee
Public 5500.18D Crime Prevention Physical Security Program
Public 5500.19B Procedures to Bar Individuals From Access to the Combat Center
CAC 5510.5B Information and Personnel Security Program
Public 5512.3B Professional Development and Authority to Issue Credentials to Command Inspector General Personnel
CAC 5532.1F Restricted Area Designation
Public 5600.4D Local Printing and Publications Management Program
Public 5720.2J Community Relations Support Program
Public 5720.10K Freedom of Information Act
Public 5728.1G Noise and Damage Complaints
Public 5750.1L Historical Program
Public 5750.2A Commemorative Naming Program
Public 5760.3 Non-Federal Entities
CAC 5780.1D Encroachment Management Program
Public 5800.9B Ch.1 Military Protective Orders
Public 5811.1A Procedures for Combat Center Pre and Post Trial Confinement
 SSIC 6000 - Medicine & Dentistry
Access Order Subject
Public 6240 Trauma Site Management and Control Procedures
Public 6280.2H Vehicle Smog Inspection Program
Public 6400.1K Procedures for Fire Service Emergency Medical Services
Public 6700.1D Public Access Defibrillation Program
Public 6700.2 Naloxone Public Access Program
 SSIC 7000 - Financial Management
Access Order Subject
Public 7042.2E Award of Trophies and Similar Devices in Recognition of Significant Accomplishments Program
Public 7131.1A Qualified Recycling Program Committee
Public 7300.1B Government Commercial Purchase Card
Public 7510.1H Fraud, Waste and Mismanagement Policy Guidance
 SSIC 8000 - Ordnance Material
Access Order Subject
Public 8000.7 Class V Materiel Manual (Click Here for Instruction Manual)
 SSIC 10000 - General Material
Access Order Subject
Public 10110.13C Authorization of Commuted Rations
 SSIC 11000 - Fac & Act Ashore
Access Order Subject
CAC 11000.1K Area Clean-Up and Responsibilities for the Combat Center
Public 11001.1 Sergeant Without Dependents Basic Allowance for Housing Initiative
Public 11012.1T Basic Allowance for Housing Without Dependents
Public 11103.1F Bachelor Enlisted Quarters
Public 11320.1H Combat Center Fire Regulations and Instructions (Download Instruction Manual Here)
 SSIC 12000 - Civilian Personnel
Access Order Subject
Public 12000.8C Civilian Fitness Program
Public 12271.1A Telework Program for Civilian Marine Employees
Public 12315.1F Probationary Period for Newly Appointed Supervisors and Managers
Public 12620.2 Alternative Work Schedule Program for Civilian Employees
Public 12771.2J Administrative Grievance Procedure for Civil Service Employees
Public 12990.1A Standards of Dress and Appearance for Civilian Personnel

LOI Library

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CAC 16-24 Aircraft Mishap/Mass Casualty Emergency Response Exercise 
CAC 15-24 Kinder Round-Up
CAC 14-24 We Salute You Celebration
CAC 13-24 Semper Durus 2024
Public 12-24 Military Students Tour
Public 11-24  Combat Center Administrator’s Day Celebration
CAC 10-24 Awards Under the DoD Performance Management and Appraisal Program for the 2024 Appraisal Cycle and Fiscal Year 2024 Awards Funding
CAC 9-24 Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation Exercise
Public 8-24 Annual Easter Eggstravaganza
Public 7-24 Earth Day Celebration and Base Clean-up
CAC 6-24 Support for SuperFest
Public 5-24 Desert Hot Springs High School Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Visit
CAC 4-24 Annual Job Shadowing Event
Public 3-24 Fiscal Year 2024 Casualty Assistance Calls Officer Training Roadshow
Public 2-24 San Diego Legion Professional Rugby Team Visit
Public 1-24 Desert Pines High School Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Visit
CAC 35-23 Security of Combat Center Training Area Boundary and Public Outreach Efforts During the Closure of the Johnson Valley Shared Use Area, 15-27 February 2024

Combat Center Forms

SSIC 1000
Access Form Description
Public 1000-1 MAGTFTC, MCAGCC Data Sheet
Public 1000-2 NCO Fitness Report
Public 1320-1 Combat Center Fleet Assistance Program (FAP) Qualification Checklist
Public 1420-1 Individual Promotion Photo Height/Weight Verification
Public 1601-2 CDO Checklist
Public 1601-3 CDSNCO Checklist
Public 1601-4 Vehicle Inspection Checklist
Public 1601-6 Weapons Brief and Use of Force Agreement
Public 1610-1 Commanding General, MAGTFTC, MCAGCC, Recommended Reporting Officer Comments
Public 1630-1 Weapons Registration Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center
Public 1630-2 Authorization to Park Privately Owned Small Utility Trailer
Public 1650-3 Personal Information for Award Nominee
Public 1700-1 Authorization for Alcoholic Beverage Consumption for Service Members
Public 1740-1 Request to Conduct Fundraising Event at MAGTFTC, MCAGCC
Public 1740-2 Statement of Understanding Concerning Personal Commercial Solicitation Aboard MCAGCC
SSIC 3000
Access Form Description
Public 3100-4 Laser Firing Log
Public 3502-1 Surface Danger Zone (SDZ) Worksheet Ground
Public 3502-2 Weapon Danger Zone (WDZ) Worksheet Air Operations Only
Public 3502-3 Training Utilization
Public 3502-4 Range Request
SSIC 4000
Access Form Description
Public 4400_1 Custody Control Document
Public 4400_2 Request for MCAGCC 29 Palms USMC SERVMART Account/Cards
Public 4400_3 Request for MCAGCC 29 Palms Vehicle Identification Link (VIL) Fuel Key Encoding
SSIC 5000
Access Form Description
Public 5000-1 MAGTFTC, MCAGCC Routing Sheet
Public 5060-1 Combat Center Flag Request
Public 5102-1 Training Accident Information
Public 5102-2 Operational Risk Management Matrix MAGTFTC, MCAGCC
Public 5102-3 MEDEVAC Documentation
Public 5560-1 Authorization to Park Privately Owned Vehicles for Resale
Public 5720-1 Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Request
Public 5720-2 Unsworn Declaration and Signature for Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Request
SSIC 7000
Access Form Description
Public 7302-2 Revised Combat Center GCPC Purchase Request

Awards Program Resources

Per MARADMIN 042/08, as of 1 March 2008, all personal and unit awards must be submitted through the Improved Awards Processing System (iAPS) .

iAPS Account Instructions

Improved Military Awards Processing System (iAPS)

MAGTFTC, MCAGCC Administration of Awards (CCO 1650.1_)

Administrative and Issue Procedures for Decorations, Medals, and Awards (MCO 1650.19J)


1650 Military Awards (IG) Checklist

USMC Ribbon Chart

TECOM Awards Order 1650.1C

USMC Unit Awards Manual (NAVMC 2922)

US Navy Awards


US Army Awards and Decorations

US Air Force Awards

Honorary Awards for Civilian Employees (12451.2D)

DON Honorary Awards for Civilian Employees

HQMC Military Awards (MMMA) Branch


Inspector General of the Marine Corps

Congressional Medal of Honor Society

Military Order of the Purple Heart


The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a federal law (5 U.S.C. §552) that establishes the public’s right to request existing records from Federal government agencies. 

As a component of the Department of the Navy, Secretary of the Navy Instruction 5720.42G, Department of the Navy Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Program (SECNAVINST 5720.42G) governs the Marine Corps FOIA program. SECNAVINST 5720.42G is codified at 32 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 701.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 United States Code (USC) 552, allows an individual (regardless of nationality), a private organization or company, or a local, state, or foreign government to seek access to Executive Branch agency RECORDS, such as those held by the U.S. Marine Corps.

A FOIA request can be made for any agency record in any format you specify. You should be aware that the FOIA does not require agencies to do research for you, to analyze data, to answer written questions, or to create records in response to a request. The records are subject to review, and you will not receive information that is exempt from release.

In limited instances, information may be withheld from disclosure if it is

• currently and properly classified in the interest of national defense or foreign policy [FOIA exemption (b)(1) pertains].

• related solely to internal personnel rules and practices, the release of which would allow circumvention of a statute or rule [FOIA exemption (b)(2) pertains].

• protected by a statute that specifically exempts the information from public release [FOIA exemption (b)(3) pertains].

• trade secrets and commercial or financial information which was obtained from a private source which would cause substantial competitive harm to the information source [FOIA exemption (b)(4) pertains].

• pre-decisional opinions and recommendations, inter-agency or intra-agency memoranda or letters, that show foreseeable harm if released.  Also, attorney-client privilege and attorney-work product are covered [FOIA exemption (b)(5) pertains].

• personal and medical information, the release of which would result in a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy [FOIA exemption (b)(6) pertains].

• investigatory records or information compiled for law enforcement purposes, which (a) could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings, (b) would deprive a person of a right to a fair trial or an impartial adjudication, (c) could reasonably be expected to constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, (d) could reasonably be expected to disclose the identity of a confidential source, (e) would disclose investigative techniques, and/or (f) could reasonably be expected to endanger the life or physical safety of any individual [FOIA exemption (b)(7) pertains].

The time it takes to respond to each request varies depending on the complexity of the request and the number of pending requests at the agency.

The FOIA establishes a standard time limit of 20 working days; if more time is needed you will be notified in writing and provided an opportunity to modify or limit the scope of your request. Under certain conditions specified by law, you may be entitled to expedited processing.

Electronic requests are submitted via . Requests submitted to MCAGCC via must be directed to the following:
Agency: United States Marine Corps
Component: Marine Air Ground Tack Force Training Command/Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center 29 Palms

All requests must contain the following information: 

Requestors complete name, mailing address, and email address. An email address is required as records are typically sent electronically.

A willingness to pay fees is required. Although there is no fee to file a FOIA request, FOIA has established four fee categories that agencies use to determine if fees will be charged:

(1) Commercial requesters may be charged fees to search for records, reviewing the records and photocopying them.

(2) Educational and Non-commercial scientific institutions pay only duplication fees, unless it is determined that fees are waived or reduced in the public interest. The first 100 pages. Are provided at no cost. (Note: students are not considered Educational Use requestors).

(3) News media pay only duplication fees, unless it is determined that fees are waived or reduced in the public interest. The first 100 pages. Are provided at no cost.

(4) All other requesters (requesters who do not fall into any of the other three categories) are charged for photocopying after 100 pages and for time spent searching for records more than two hours.

Requestors can choose to pay all fees or just those up to a specified amount or provide a justification to support a fee waiver. Agreements to pay fees are up to $25 unless another amount is specified.

A detailed description of the specific records being requested. Include enough detail so the records may be located with a reasonable amount of effort.

Generally, a record is reasonably described when the description contains sufficient information to conduct an organized, non-random search. If specific file-related information is known, include the type of record, title of the record, subject area, date of creation, originator, and any other pertinent details. If the record information is unknown, provide as much event-related information as possible, such as the date of the event, circumstances surrounding the event, names of those involved, etc. 

Because most Navy records are not retained permanently, providing as much information as possible will better assist the agency in determining if the records still exist and where they are located.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the SecureRelease™ Portal, please follow the directions below.

1. Go to

2. Once you’ve opened the link, you will need to select the forms link and complete form 5720-1 and 5720-2 in its entirety, to include home address, phone number, and email.

3. In the narrative section, please be very specific about what you are looking for. Include dates of concern, FULL NAMES, case numbers, which department maintains the records, etc.

4. FOIA requires that you are WILLING to pay for a request, so please put a dollar amount in the appropriate box.

5. Email the completed form to

Label your request "FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUEST" on the request and on the outside of the envelope. 

Include all the same information required for an electronic FOIA request (see above). Do not forget to include the requestor's complete mailing address.

Address your requests to:

Commanding General
Attn: Adjutant (FOIA Coordinator)
Box 788101
Twentynine Palms, CA 92278-8101

For more information, requestors may call the FOIA/PA Coordinator at (760) 830-6141 or send an email to Additional information can be found at USMC FOIA .


Information on the Performance Evaluation System (PES) can be found at the Personnel Management Support Branch (MMSB) homepage and in the PES Manual (MCO 1610.7B)

Voting Assistance


  • Provide voting assistance to all military members and their families.
  • Provide voter registration assistance to civilians who have access to and visit the office.
  • Collect and report voting activity metrics.

Bldg 1459, Center Personnel Office
Hours: 0730-1600, Monday - Friday
Closed on Federal Holidays and Holiday Liberty Periods
Phone: (760) 830-1800

Voting Assistance Officer
Phone: (760) 830-4248

Unit Voting Assistance Officers

Headquarters Battalion (760) 830-7084
Marine Corps Communication Electronics School (760) 830-6786
Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group (760) 830-3495
Naval Hospital (760) 830-2903
7th Marine Headquarters (760) 830-5800
1st Battalion 7th Marines (1/7) (760) 830-5777
2nd Battalion 7th Marines (2/7) (760) 830-6410
3rd Battalion 7th Marines (3/7) (760) 830-7497
3rd Battalion 4th Marines (3/4) (760) 830-8524
3rd Battalion 11th Marines (3/11) (760) 830-5534
3rdLight Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (3rd LAR) (760) 830-3041
Combat Logistics Battalion 7 (CLB-7) (760) 830-4750
MCLOG (760) 830-3759
MCTOG (760) 830-7096

Additional Resources

California Secretary of State Voting Information

Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP)

U.S. Marine Corps Voting Website

U.S. Department of State Overseas Voting Program

Adjutant 760-830-8630
Adjutant DSN 230-8630
Adjutant Staff 760-830-8689
Adjutant Staff DSN 230-8689
Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms