Provost Marshal
PMO conducts law and order operations in support of MCAGCC in order to provide a safe and secure environment.


The Provost Marshal's Office will conduct law and order operations in support of Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in order to provide a safe and secure environment for Marines, sailors, civilian employees, and families to work, live, and train.


For emergencies, call 911. For a direct connection to Combat Center Emergency Dispatch, call 911 from a landline or (760) 830-3333 from a cellphone.

All housing areas have a strictly enforced 15 MPH speed limit. Failure to obey the posted speed limit in housing areas may result in a suspension of driving privileges. Speeding of 5 mph or more will result in an immediate 30 day suspension. Don’t speed. Slow down and protect our children.

According to Combat Center Order 1630.6D, any individual aware of a crime that has been committed or is being committed shall report it to PMO. You can contact the Desk Sergeant at (760) 830-6810 or Dispatch at (760) 830-3333. For emergencies, call 911.

Marijuana or like substances are illegal on base. Please do not attempt to bring them aboard the Combat Center. Failure to comply may result in criminal charges. This applies regardless of the legality in California.

DOD Decals are no longer required to access the installation and will not be issued; however, registering your vehicle is required aboard the Combat Center, failure to register can result in a citation. Vehicle registration is required within 3 working days of checking in.

Firearm Registration must be completed within 5 working days of purchase of the firearm or checking in to the Combat Center.  If firearm ownership is transferred or sold, you must report this to the Vehicle Registration section.

“Keychain” pepper spray is authorized for carry aboard the Combat Center.

RAM Vehicle inspections: Military Personnel may not refuse a RAM search of their vehicle. Civilians may refuse the inspection; however, they will forfeit their ID card and their access to the Combat Center.

More information can be found in the Discipline and Law Enforcement Regulations (CCO 1630.6D) and the Motor Vehicle and Traffic Regulations (CCO 1630.8H).


Once registered for SharePoint, you can register all your vehicles and firearms and submit support requests without having to come to the Vehicle Registration Office. Follow the instructions under the VEHICLE REGISTRATION tab or the link below for more information.

Vehicle Registration


From MWD Demonstrations, Command Safety Briefs, to Physical Security Surveys, the Provost Marshal’s Office is dedicated to meeting your unit or social event needs. Requests must be filled out and given to the PMO Desk Sergeant or you may submit your request online. For questions or other inquiries, please contact PMO Operations at (760) 830-4612.


Accident Investigation 760-830-4251
Administration 760-830-6094
Desk Sergeant 760-830-6810
DSN 230-6800
Operations 760-830-6095
DSN 230-4612
Services 760-830-6698
Training 760-830-8339
MWD / K9 760-830-4239
Criminal Investigaton Division 760-830-6820
Fire Department 760-830-6475
Traffic Court Liaison 760-830-5461
Vehicle Registration 760-830-7700

Anonymous Tip Hot Line (ITIP) 
DSN 230-4847


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