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Physical Security / Crime Prevention
Provost Marshal
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PMO Crime Prevention

The Physical Security/Crime Prevention Section's purpose is to establish and revise policy, ensure all personnel are aware of and involved in protecting property, provide guidance and set forth uniform standards for physical security and loss prevention measures to safeguard personnel, property, and material aboard the Combat Center.

The Physical Security/Crime Prevention Section is responsible for conducting physical security surveys (armories, ammunition supply points, motorpools, etc.) and crime prevention surveys (barracks, recreation facilities, etc.).

Additionally, the Physical Security/Crime Prevention Section:

  • Maintains the Combat Center Lost and Found.
  • Maintains the Installation's Intrusion Detection Alarm System.
  • Support D.A.R.E. programs.
  • Publishes a monthly Crime Prevention Newsletter.
  • Maintains additional crime prevention materials such as brochures and flyers.

For more information call (760) 830-5457/4561.

Tips for Preventing Crime

Secure Your Home
Lock your doors and windows. Research shows that more than 60 percent of all burglaries show no sign of forced entry. 

Ask a trusted neighbor to watch your home and pick up your mail and newspapers when you are out of town. You can also ask the post office to temporarily stop your mail delivery. 

Trim shrubbery that could conceal criminal activity near doors and windows.

Outdoor lighting can eliminate hiding places and deter burglars.

Neighborhood Safety
Know that route that your children take to and from school. Point out the places your child can and cannot go along the way to include safe places that will have a trusted adult in case of an emergency. 

Get to know your neighbors. Good neighbors are one of your least expensive defenses against crime and one of your most effective.

Around the Yard
Make sure your house number is clearly displayed so police and emergency services can find your home quickly, if necessary.

Secure gates and storage and shed doors with high-security laminated padlocks. 

Use high-quality locks on bicycles, lawn mowers, and other possessions, or keep them inside a secure garage shed or in the home. 

Protect Your Property
Keep an inventory of your furnishings and valuables, such as televisions, gaming consoles, and computers. For identification, keep a record of all serial numbers, make and model. For jewelry have it appraised or keep the receipt and take a close up picture of the item.

Engrave or write with a permanent marker an identification mark on bicycles and scooters. Put at least one or all identification marks such as last name, house address or phone number. 

Keep a copy of your inventory stored securely off-site. Update it at least once a year. 


Accident Investigation 760-830-4251
Administration 760-830-6094
Desk Sergeant 760-830-6810
DSN 230-6800
Operations 760-830-6095
DSN 230-4612
Services 760-830-6698
Training 760-830-8339
MWD / K9 760-830-4239
Criminal Investigaton Division 760-830-6820
Fire Department 760-830-6475
Traffic Court Liaison 760-830-5461
Vehicle Registration 760-830-7700

Anonymous Tip Hot Line (ITIP) 
DSN 230-4847


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