Center Magazine Area
The Center Magazine Area receives, issues, accounts for and stores Class V(A) and (W) material in support of all exercises conducted aboard MAGTFTC.

Center Magazine Area

The Center Magazine Area’s (CMA) complex and technical mission is to Receive, Inspect, Certify, Conduct Maintenance and Repackage, Safely Store, Transportation, and Issue all Ground and Aviation ammunition and explosives (A&E) in support of all training aboard the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center. This includes supporting all local and visiting units, Joint and Foreign Service level training, Service level research and development testing. In addition the Center Magazine Area also supports all large scale exercises such as Eagle Talon, Steel Knight, Iron Fist, Javelin Thrust, Desert FireX, and Mojave Viper/ITX and White Space training.

Support to other DOD, Federal, and foreign service components is subject to storage availability and must be coordinated in advance.


Monday - Thursday: 0730-1630
Friday: Closed for internal maintenance and training (service by exception)
*Holiday Closures: Duty available 24/7 for un-staging of issues and prestaging of turn-in’s


The Center Magazine area is not an authorized Safe Haven. The closest authorized facility is Fallbrook or Seal Beach.


Secure holding operations are authorized at the discretion of the supporting activity OIC based on facility availability. It is not intended for supported units to stage assets at the supporting activity for the execution of multi-day training evolutions.


Officer in Charge
Center Magazine Area
BLDG 2205 Del Valle Rd
Marine Air Ground Task Force Training
Command Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center
29 Palms, California 92278


Officer in Charge 760-830-4879
Deputy 760-830-3601
Aviation Ordnance Officer 760-830-4511
SNCOIC 760-830-3600
Operations 760-830-8840
Records 760-830-8810
Issues 760-830-4203
FAX 760-830-3602
DNCO Main Gate
DSN 230
Other Important Numbers
Explosive Safety Officer 760-830-8464
Range Safety 760-830-7112
Provost Marshal's Office 760-830-6810
Criminal Investigation Division 760-830-6820
Explosive Ordnance Disposal 760-830-6885
      EOD Duty Cell 760-401-5841
MCAS Miramar Weather Center 858-307-1542


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