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Distribution Management Office


Distribution Management Office


Twentynine Palms, California
Distribution Management Office (DMO)


To assist in supporting the Combat Center logistics mission by effecting the safe, timely and accurate movement of personnel, government cargo, and personal property from origin to destination via all modes of transport using military and commercial assets, services, and systems organic to, contracted for, or controlled by the Department of Defense in peace and war.


To provide efficient and effective services for the transportation of personal property, personnel, and freight cargo for all DOD members moving within MCAGCC areas of operation.


DMO Instruction Manual


DMO Menu
DMO OIC (760) 830-6701
Distribution Manager (760) 830-6466
Distribution Chief (760) 830-6356
Freight (760) 830-6315
(760) 830-1563
Passenger (760) 830-6760
(760) 830-6453
Personal Property (760) 830-6119
email the appointment desk
P P & P (760) 830-6350
FAX (760) 830-6712

All numbers are in DSN 230

Bldg. 1102
0730 - 1630
Monday - Friday


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