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Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command and Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

Southwest Region Fleet Transportation (SWRFT) Twentynine Palms provides commercial vehicle transportation support, management of Garrison Mobile Equipment (GME) assignments, and maintenance support to resident and visiting commands aboard MCAGCC and within the region.

Administrative guidelines for Garrison Mobile Equipment (GME) / Non-Tactical Vehicles (NTV) are provided in MCO P11240.106B which provides guidance of procurement, operation and maintenance of GME/NTV.

  • GME/NTV consists of commercially available owned, leased, or otherwise controlled passenger vehicles, cargo vehicles, material handling equipment, engineer equipment, and railway rolling stock. GME/NTV fleet managers operate their GME fleets in support of transportation and maintenance requirements at Marine Corps activities. They will not use their GME fleet for tactical purposes, nor will they deploy GME/NTV assets.

  • Class B assignments (temporary assignments to a unit/activity) are provided to resident units with a justified function which require the use of the same equipment on a daily basis.

  • Class C assignments (U-Drive) provides a dispatch pool in which vehicles can be scheduled via TCPT (see operations instructions below).

All GME/NTV is for official purposes only. Vehicle operators and passengers will properly use and wear seatbelts when operating or riding in any GME/NTV so equipped. Smoking and cellular phone use are prohibited in GME/NTV.

Prior to operation of a Marine Corps-owned or leased vehicle, operators will ensure that SF 91 (Operators’ Report of Motor Vehicle Accident) is available and carried in the vehicle.

Each unit, with Class B assignments, must maintain an assigned Responsible Officer (RO). This RO will coordinate with the Automotive Transportation Specialist any assignment, fuel key or reporting (accidents, justifications, mileage, budgeting, DriveCam coaching, etc.) requirements.

Operations provides transportation support services of passengers and cargo.  All GME transportation support requests must be submitted via Transportation Capacity Planning Tool (TCPT).

Once on the login page, under the Log In boxes, there are the following options:

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You MUST first register for an account before proceeding. Once you have registered and have an account, you can proceed to log in.

Upon receiving the TCPT request, Operations will determine the best method of transportation services (U-Drive, GSA Short Term Rental (STR), or TOT/TOP provided by SWRFT).

Training and licensing is also coordinated via Operations Supervisor. For more information, call (760) 830- 7317.

The objective of the maintenance program is to perform only that essential maintenance during the normal life expectancy as is required to retain equipment in a safe and serviceable condition, and in an acceptable appearance.

Scheduled maintenance services on the basis of mileage or hours, manufacturers’ standard recommendations, and experience. Other considerations include the age of equipment, local operating requirements, conditions, terrain, and climate.

GSA leased equipment maintenance / warranty services are coordinated via the GSA Service Writer. Please call 760.830.5798 to schedule maintenance services.

Incidental vehicle support such as windshield wipers, fluid top-offs, battery charging, etc. is also available for leased equipment.

Marine Corps owned equipment maintenance / warranty services are coordinated via the Maintenance Supervisor. Please call (760) 830-6329 to request maintenance services.

Inspection, testing and certification of Load Lifting Equipment is coordinated via the Maintenance Supervisor. Please call (760) 830-6329 for more information.

Fleet Manager 760-830-6480
Automotive Transportation Specialist 760-830-4454
Mileage Reporting
Operations Supervisor 760-830-7302
Dispatch 760-830-7317
Maintenance Supervisor 760-830-6329
GSA Service Writer 760-830-5798
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