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Wait Times
Wait list times are estimates only, based on the best information available at that time, and may be subject to change.

Estimated Wait List Times

Updated 3/01/2023

Rank Designation Bedroom Sizes Estimated Wait Time
(Approx. wait from date of Application)
JE 2 No Wait - Off Base VDS
JE 3 No Wait - Off Base VDS
JE 2 No Wait
JE 3 No Wait
NCO 2 No Wait
NCO 3 No Wait
NCO 4 No Wait
SNCO 3 0-1 Month
SNCO 4 No Wait
SNCO 5 6-9 Months
CG 3 0-1 Months
CG 4 0-1 Months
FG 3 3-6 Months
FG 4 3-6 Months


Wait Time Disclaimer

The estimated wait time is the amount of time you can expect to wait for housing. Depending on the circumstances, generally unpredictable out of our control, the wait time could be in some cases shorter or longer than published. The estimated wait times are based on the best information available at that time. A wait time provided to you at the time you submit an advance application may change. These uncontrollable circumstances include: number of families on the wait list, reported intent to vacates, construction, ongoing renovations and deployments. All impact the establishments of the estimated wait time. Wait times do not change frequently.


Front Desk 760-830-6611
Housing Referral Specialist 760-830-1706
Jr Enlisted Housing Coordinator 760-830-1708
NCO Housing Coordinator 760-830-1707
SNCO / Officer Housing Coordinator 760-830-1709
FAX 760-830-6469
Bldg 1003, Cottontail Road
0800-1600 Monday-Friday
Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms