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Family Housing Office


Family Housing Office


Twentynine Palms, California

Applying for Housing

Military personnel who are authorized Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), assigned to MCAGCC or have been issued Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders and have one or more bonafide dependents residing with them for over six consecutive months are eligible to apply for base housing.


CHANGE: IAW a recent change to MCO 11000.22, the MHO will utilize the date of receipt of a complete application package; to include all qualifying documents and PCS Orders (PCSO), as the Control Date for the MHO Wait List. Qualifying documents (linked below) include: Housing Application (DD Form 1746), Privacy Act Release / Megan's Law Form, and the Combat Center Statement of Understanding.


Apply In Person
Applications for on-base housing are accepted at the Military Housing Office, Bldg. 1003, Cottontail Road, from 0800-1600 Monday through Friday.

Apply via Email or Fax
All documents (linked below) may be submitted to the Military Housing Office (MHO) at any time provided the service member has qualifying dependents and received PCS orders (including WEB Orders) to Twentynine Palms.

  • Fax: (760) 830-6469
  • Email: Contact the Military Housing Office at (760) 830-6611 to obtain your rank specific coordinator's email address.

Once the MHO receives a copy of your orders (web or official) and the required documents listed below your control date on the wait list is established. The service member must report to the MHO upon arrival to 29 Palms with appropriate unit/IPAC endorsements to retain original wait list position / control date to complete the process. Service members must be detached from their previous command and be checked into the new duty station in order to be referred to Lincoln Military Housing.

Checking In
Marines: A Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Certification Letter is needed to complete your application. The BAH letter is given to you at IPAC upon completion of your New Join Audit.
Navy: A Statement of Service Letter and an updated Page 2 are needed to complete your application. The Statement of Service Letter is generated at PSD upon check-in.
Army: A DA-31 is needed to complete your application.

Required Documents for Military Housing Assignment

  1. Housing Application DD-1746 (assignment to housing): Please complete, sign, and fax or email the documents below to start the process.
  2. Privacy Act Release / Megan's Law Form: Privacy release for housing to share your information with the Marine Corps Public-Private Venture Partner; includes the Megan's Law addendum to the application for assignment to housing.
  3. Combat Center Statement of Understanding: Housing applicant statement of understanding. 
Front Desk (760) 830-6611
Junior Enlisted Housing Coordinator (760) 830-1707
NCO Housing Coordinator (760) 830-1709
SNCO/Officer Housing Coordinator (760) 830-1708
Housing Referral Specialist (760) 830-1706
FAX (760) 830-6469

Location: Bldg 1003, Cottontail Road
Hours: 0800-1600 Monday - Friday