Environmental Affairs
Installation Support Directorate

The Environmental Affairs (EA) Division is staffed with experts in the fields of environmental management and conservation. These individuals are devoted to providing the resources and expertise that allow the Combat Center to consider all aspects of the environment in the planning and implementation of advanced training and exercises, while fulfilling the role as stewards of the environment.

Do your part to support America Recycles Day on November 15th by placing these items into your designated recycling bin or recycling dumpster for pickup.

NO. 1 Plastics
CRV Plastic (soda/water bottles). Prep: quick rinse - no lids.

NO. 2 Plastics
Milk/water jugs, juice bottles. Prep: quick rinse - no lids.

Clear/brown/green. Prep: empty and rinse out food and beverage residue.

Aluminum and Steel Cans
Prep: empty and rinse out food and beverage residue

Paper and Cardboard Products
Copy paper, white ledger paper, shredded paper, newspaper, magazines and cardboard.

Environmental Affairs thanks you for doing your part and supporting America Recycles Day! For more information please contact Base Recycling at 760.830.5666 or visit

Director (760) 830-5675
Deputy (760) 830-7688
Compliance Support Branch (760) 830-4183
     CETEP (760) 830-8238
     Compliance Inspectors (760) 830-8239
(760) 830-6603
(760) 830-8235
     EMS (760) 830-4183
Pollution Prevention (760) 830-7695
     Air (760) 830-8480
     Tanks (760) 830-8361
     Water (760) 830-7883
Natural and Cultural Resources (760) 830-5200
Hazardous Waste Management Branch (760) 830-5403
Qualified Recycling and Solid Waste Program  (760) 830-5666
Range Residue Turn-in (760) 830-0302
NEPA (760) 830-8190
Admin (760) 830-7634
Emergency contacts  
Spill Reporting and Response (760) 401-9841
Wildlife Response (760) 830-5719
(760) 830-5717
(760) 830-5720
Water Conservation (760) 830-SAVE (7283)

All numbers in DSN 230

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