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The requirements for vehicles to access and operate aboard the Combat Center are independent of an individual's personal approval to access the installation.

General Requirements - When applicable, persons requesting to register a motor vehicle aboard the Combat center are required to present the following valid information:

A state driver’s license or a state license with endorsement if registering a motorcycle.

Registration card (if issued by state/territory) or sticker observed on vehicle if registration document was not issued. If your state/territory issues proof of registration it must be presented.

To register a vehicle, the insurance policy must include the vehicle as a listed item. The driver of the vehicle must also be listed on the policy along with the vehicle or must have their own separate coverage after 60 days of continuous use. In addition, to show proof of insurance, you can either be the named policyholder of the insurance policy or be listed on the declaration page of another person's policy as a driver of the vehicle you want to register. This is a requirement to ensure that all vehicles on the road are covered by adequate insurance in case of accidents or other incidents.

Fleet and Company Vehicles
You must present registration and insurance in the organization’s name or you will be required to show proof in all areas stated above.

Rental Vehicles 
You must provide the rental agreement in either the driver’s or the organization’s name.

Vehicle Smog Inspection Program
Proof of smog inspection is required for non-California registered gasoline powered vehicles eight or more model-years old.

Proof of smog is required for non-California registered Diesel powered vehicles manufactured after 1999 or have a gross vehicle weight rating less than 14,000 pounds.

Notarized Written Permission 
Vehicle registration that is not in the name of the operator requires notarized permission to operate and register the vehicle aboard MCAGCC. This shall be completed before a sixty-day window expires.

Driver Improvement Course
Drivers 25 years old and younger must show completion of Driver Improvement, Driver Awareness, or other Marine Corps sanctioned driver’s program.  

Permanent Personnel Submission
Copies of all applicable documents and a Vehicle Registration Form may be submitted as attachments and emailed to

If you prefer, copies of all applicable documents with a Vehicle Registration Form can be brought to the Visitor Center to avoid waiting. Please advise Visitor Center staff to have your packet reviewed before leaving.

Coming Soon - Register your vehicle via Sharepoint (CAC Required)

The Visitor Center is open from 0500 to 2030, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, and is located in Building No. 901 (outside the Main Gate). The Visitor Center is responsible for base access, vehicle registration, weapon registration, pet registration, and the creation of permanent and non-permanent personnel profiles. For questions, please call (760) 830-6794.

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