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Wolfpack 6: the proud, professional and proficient

30 Oct 2017 | Lance Cpl. Devin Andrews Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms

Pride, professionalism and proficiency are just words to some, but to Lt. Col. Rafael Candelario, battalion commander, 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, also known as Wolfpack 6, those are the marks of a Marine.

“When people think about Marines across the world, not just in America, they think of Marines who are proficient,” Candelario said. “Marines who can do their job, whatever their military occupational specialty is, they will do what they can to improve themselves every day.”

According to Candelario, all Marines display a high degree of professionalism in what they do, and they train to be subject matter experts in the job field. The mark of a professional is one who does what they can in their every day job in order to help those around them.

"The reason we have the Marine Corps we do today is because people have an expectation of Marines being consummate professionals,”Candelario said. “We maintain that image by always getting the job done.”

Marine Corps non-commissioned officers are the leaders of the aforementioned traits. The example of what it means to be a Marine is passed through the ranks by NCOs. As the backbone of the Marine Corps, they must uphold the standards and traditions of those who came before them.

“If you have a unit that is proficient and professional, then the pride will be inherent in anything and everything that they do,” Candelario said. “They’ll take pride in going to work every day, they will be proud to represent any unit that they’re in and they will instill the professionalism and proficiency that is expected of them into every facet of their lives.”

No matter where they are of how much time has passed since they served, Marines pride themselves on the achievements of the Marines who came before. Men and women across the world join the Marine Corps to challenge themselves to be better, protect our Nation and defend their brothers and sisters in arms. Throughout their journey, whether it last four years or until retirement, pride, professionalism and proficiency are three of the many traits they will acquire and carry with them for the rest of their days.
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