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Cpl. David Hausvater, motor transport mechanic, 6th Motor Transport Battalion, 4th Marine Logistics Group, fixes a MK48/14 Logistics Vehicle System Friday, at the Combat Center’s Combat Logistics Battalion-7 maintenance bay. Hausvater, and other reservists from 6th Motor Transport Battalion, trained for a week aboard the base, working alongside active-duty Marines from CLB-7 and 1st Tanks Battalion. The reservists worked 12 to 15 hours every day and also stood radio and fire watch. At the end of the week the reservists were given letters of appreciation for all their hard work.

Photo by Lance Cpl. R Logan Kyle

Motor T reservists get down, dirty with MCAGCC mechanics

13 Jun 2008 | Lance Cpl. R. Logan Kyle

Nearly 80 Marine Reservists from 6th Motor Transport Battalion, 4th Marine Logistics Group, traveled to the Combat Center June 13 through Saturday, for a unique and educational training experience with mechanics from 1st Tank Battalion and Combat Logistics Battalion 7. 

            During the week-long training evolution, the Marines from 6th Motor Transport Battalion assisted active-duty mechanics aboard the Combat Center with the reparation and upkeep of several tactical vehicles.

            The Marines’ job consisted of more than just fixing vehicles at the unit’s motor pools.  During the week, the Marines were called out to the Combat Center’s training ranges, where they were also needed for their mechanical expertise.  

The reservists also had to stand radio and fire watch in addition to their garage duties during the eight-day evolution. 

            “Those Marines worked hard all day long,” said Staff Sgt. Aaron Isaac, maintenance chief instructor, 6th Motor Transport Battalion.  “They ended up working anywhere from 12 to 15 hours a day and slept in two-man tents.”

            Even though the days were long and hot, the Marines from 6th Motor Transport Battalion did not seem to mind because of all the experience they gained.

            “I really enjoyed the training,” said Lance Cpl. Kevin Corr, motor transport mechanic, 6th Motor Transport Battalion.  “I’d definitely do it again.”

            Corr, a Las Vegas native, also said the Combat Center Marines have a great work environment and did not hesitate to teach the reservists new tips and tricks. 

            At the end of the week, the reservists working at 1st Tanks closed out about 25 Equipment Repair Orders, added Isaac, a Stacyville, Iowa, native. 

The reservists at CLB-7 closed 13 EROs and replaced a MK 48/14 Logistics Vehicle System engine.  They also were called up for five wrecker operations, where they  went out to a disabled vehicle and either repaired or towed it back to main side. 

            Several female Marines were also included in the training, one of which had deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and thought her fellow Marines really benefited from their week aboard the Combat Center. 

            Lance Cpl. Alise Gaitan, motor transport mechanic, 6th Motor Transport Battalion, was in charge of over-dispatching, where she monitored and kept accountability of each vehicle coming in and going out of CLB-7. 

            “We really learned a lot here,” said Gaitan, a Lamesa, Texas, native.  “The first time I deployed I didn’t really know a whole lotl, but now I can go away from this training with a lot of confidence in my work.”

            The long hours and hard work the reservists put in not only paid off in experience.  They also received a hearty thank you for their good work.

            Once the Marines had cleaned their work stations last Friday, they all met at 1st Tanks where they received a letter of appreciation for their dedication and willingness to learn. 

            The reservists then loaded up on a 37-vehicle convoy that took them back to Las Vegas. 

            Isaac said he plans on visiting the Combat Center again soon so his Marines can receive more “good training.”


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