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Confirmed case of H1N1 aboard Combat Center

30 Apr 2009 | MCAGCC Public Affairs Office

The Center for Disease Control has confirmed one case of H1N1 aboard the Combat Center. 

The Marine will continue to be treated as an outpatient and will remain isolated at his barracks.  According to medical personnel here, he is doing well and his condition continues to improve.

This Marine had been actively social with approximately 30 other Marines and, as a precaution, those Marines have been quarantined as well. The quarantine will last for five days. At the end of the five-day period, if they display no flu-like symptoms they will be returned to full duty. None of these Marines display symptoms at this time.

The Marine Corps, along with all of the armed forces, is monitoring the health of service members to ensure necessary precautions are being taken to educate and safeguard military and civilian personnel, as well as family members. 

Medical personnel aboard the Combat Center stress the best thing for everyone to do at this time is remain vigilant about personal hygiene and see their doctor if they feel they have symptoms or have been exposed to someone who shows symptoms.

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