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TWENTYNINE PALMS, Calif. - Gunnery Sgt. Cheryl J. Hyde, the administration officer for the commanding general's office, and her daughter, Jasmine, received a letter of recognition from Mayor Joel Klink during a City Hall meeting July 28. Jasmine placed in Time Warner Cable's Desert Cities' 25 Best Moms of 2009 Essay Contest out of nearly 1,300 entries from children in grades four to 12.

Photo by Cpl. R. Logan Kyle

MCAGCC moms named best among Desert Cities

31 Jul 2009 | Cpl. R. Logan Kyle

A Marine and a military spouse were recognized during a Twentynine Palms City Hall meeting July 28 for being named in Time Warner Cable’s Desert Cities’ 25 Best Moms of 2009 Essay Contest after their children submitted their entries in March.

Gunnery Sgt. Cheryl J. Hyde, the administration chief for the commanding general’s office, and her daughter, Jasmine, received a certificate and letter opener from Mayor Joel Klink during the meeting.

Christina Downey, the wife of Master Gunnery Sgt. Donald T. Downey, the director of the Marine Corps Staff Noncommissioned Officer Academy Sergeants Course, and her daughter Abigail Moorman were also recognized during the meeting, but were unable to attend.

Both daughters’ essays were selected out of nearly 1,300 other entries from children in grades four to 12.

“It felt really great to get the award,” Jasmine said.  “I think we got it because I wrote a really great story about my mom and how great she is.”

Hyde said she was glad to see community leaders recognize the accomplishments of service members and their families.

“I was really honored to be recognized by the city,” Hyde said. “These people are here to talk about business, and for them to recognize us during the meeting was very special.”

Hyde also said she was proud of her daughter’s hard work.

“Jasmine wrote her essay on top of accomplishing her other school projects and, believe me, we had our hands full at that time,” she said.  “I’m glad I’ve had enough of an impact on her to make her want to tell other people about me.”

In Moorman’s essay, she said she can talk to her mom about anything, and she is always there for her.

“When my dad was in Iraq and she was at home with all four of us children, she made sure she gave us the love and support we needed,” the essay read. “There are times when we don’t get along, but we still have fun together, spend time together, talk to each other and help each other.”

Military life will continue to put a lot of responsibility on Hyde, Downey and other military moms, but it is their skill of balancing work and spending time with their children that continue to make them unique.

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