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CLB-7 receives new Marines, activates Material Readiness Company

29 Jan 2010 | Cpl. Monica C. Erickson

Combat Logistics Battalion 7 welcomed a new company into their battalion during an activation ceremony at their headquarters building here, Jan. 26.

Material Readiness Company is home to approximately 150 Marines who will provide intermediate maintenance support to tenant units training and stationed aboard the Combat Center.

“We are kind of like an extension of the Maintenance Battalion from [Marine Corps Base] Camp Pendleton, [Calif.],” said Maj. Douglas Burkman, the new commander of Material Readiness Co. “Now that we are able to provide [Combat Center units] with intermediate maintenance on heavy equipment, our tenant units don’t have to go to Camp Pendleton to get them fixed.”

Cpl. Devon White, a calibrations technician with Material Readiness Co., said he feels the new company will help the Combat Center by providing units with more mechanics and technicians.

CLB-7 staffed the company with Marines from within the battalion instead of pulling in new leathernecks from schools or other logistics battalions. This will help give the company a head start since everyone knows and has worked with each other.

“The changes we undertook will restore the clarity and focus of the mission,” said Lt. Col. Craig Barnett, the battalion commander. “With our new company we will be able to provide a clearer structure and support in the rear element. Our mission is not gone or changed—we just put it more into focus and promise to provide better support.”

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