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Combat Center personnel to receive new CAC

6 Apr 2012 | Diane Durden

We all take for granted the ability to log onto the computer when we come to work at the Combat Center. You slide your Common Access Card into the card reader expecting the dialog box to pop up asking for your personal identification number. That is what’s expected. However, October 1, 2012 that may not happen if your CAC is not the updated version.

MARADMIN 171/12, released March 27, provides initial guidance for the re-issuance of Marine Corps sponsored CAC.

An upgrade to the encrypting programs associated with the cards requires personnel to possess the new version by October.

Notifications from the Defense Manpower Data Center will be emailed to card holders still in possession of the outdated version, directing them to report to their local Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System office within 30 days.

Combat Center personnel are cautioned not to simply walk into the DEERS office.

“There’s a huge inconvenience to the customer if there’s a line out the door,” said Larry Ward, officer in charge, Combat Center Personnel Office. To alleviate long waits, DEERS personnel are working with the Combat Center commands to coordinate and schedule times for CAC re-issues.

Card holders are asked to verify which version they have. The CAC version is found on the back of the card just above the magnetic stripe. Older versions can be identified with the numbers 64, 72, or V5.2.

The newer CAC versions are identified with 128 or 144, and those issued aboard the Combat Center since June 2010, don’t need to be re-issued. Marines that graduated recruit training after July 2011 should also have the updated version.

Personnel with the older version are being asked to contact their unit’s administration section for guidance on when to report to DEERS for a new CAC.

Cards needing a PIN reset should be addressed with Combat Center G-6 helpdesk located in Building 1529. Only CAC versions 128 and 144 can be reset. All others must be reissued before the PIN can be reset.

For more information, contact your unit’s administration section.

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