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TechExpo visits Combat Center

6 Apr 2012 | Lance Cpl. D. J. Wu

New technology is always in demand, whether it’s from advancements in military technology or increasing efficiency in the office.

The Technology Expo comes to the Combat Center twice a year to show off the latest and greatest technology the industries have to offer.

The expo brings things in demand for the Combat Center community. Request for vendors and specific technologies go through the Combat Center’s G-6.

This year the majority of the expo focuses on audio technologies.

“We’re always looking and listening to what each installation needs, so we know what vendors to invite,” said Kristan Hawkins, event coordinator. “We have more than 25 companies out here this year.”

The TechExpo travels to multiple installations displaying technologies catered to each location. The on-site visits allow more people to come see the emerging gear advancements in person and to form relationships with vendors.

“Many of the companies have already worked with units here on the base,” Hawkins said. “It’s more of a networking event for everybody.”

Hawkins and the event organizers, National Conference Services, Inc., serve as bridges between the Combat Center and the companies at the expo.

“We met with people with Mojave Viper and others out in the field and asked what they wanted,” Hawkins said. “We have relationships with all these companies. So when a unit tells us what they want to see, we try and get those companies out here.”

Also, with one of the Marine Corps’ largest schools, the Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School, a school based on technology, the TechExpo provides learning opportunities for the students and their instructors.

“I’m out here looking at the new technology to see what we could use at the school house,” said Master Sgt. Wilbert Hill, chief instructor, Company A, MCCES. “We also have the students coming out here to see the new tech as well.”

The TechExpo’s multi-faceted approach had a wide reach of audiences at the Combat Center and only looks to get wider.

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